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Magnifica Awards 2022 Honors Legends of Film at St. Regis Hotel

By: Ekaterina Shevliakova | Actress Ornella Muti and Event Producer Tiziana Zampieri| Images: Getty

A Star-studded ‘Rome like Hollywood’ Event Took Place at the St. Regis Hotel in Rome to Honor Greats in Film

The Magnifica Awards “Rome like Hollywood“ event pays homage to “Made in Italy” cinema and rewards excellence. The first edition of the Magnifica Awards was held on Monday, December 12th, 2022 at the St. Regis Hotel. The independent festival was conceived and produced by event producer Tiziana Zampieri. The festival celebrates the film industry and is known as the Cinema Grand Gala (or ‘Gran Gala del Cinema’). The Cinema Grand Gala and the Marateale Award program are among the most important cultural events in the country.

The Marateale Award the "winter" version of the historic Marateale Kermesse Basilicata International Award, led by the artistic director Nicola Timpone and by the president Antonella Caramia, presented an award during the Rome like Hollywood event to talented artists and various organizations that have contributed to the success of Marateale’s fourteen editions and rise of the event.

The evening was hosted by presenter Claudio Guerrini who presented the cinema awards for 2022 to Ornella Muti, Giancarlo Giannini, Rocco Papaleo, Francesco Montanari, Paola Minaccioni, actress Madalina Ghenea, the director of Rai Fiction, Maria Pia Ammirati, Alberto Barbera (Director of the Venice Film festival), and to the counselor Alessandro Onorato.

Of the event, the organizer Zampieri mentioned it’s "a real party in which we want to celebrate cinema, its magic, its charm. It’s always been an inexhaustible and fascinating factory of dreams" she declared alongside her project partner Marco Canino, who added:
“We do this through the presence of some very prestigious names in the world of the seventh art, directors, producers, actors.”

Other stars awarded during the evening were actors Edoardo Leo, Claudia Gerini, Laura Chiatti, Marco Bocci, President Alberto Barbera, Federica Lucisano, Gianluca Curti, and Claudio Amendola. Italian television and cinema stars included Silvia Salemi, Vincenzo Vivenzio, Claudio Greg Gregori with Nicoletta Fattibene and many others.

Award Winner Actor Giancarlo Giannini | Image: Getty

The star-studded evening was a great success and attracted the attention of international media. The organizers underlined the importance of bringing international cinema to Rome as one of the top locations for the cinema setting.

The Magnifica Awards “Rome like Hollywood” – event partners included Casta Diva Production, Buzzoole, Lob & Partners, Reviscience Labs, Rapisardi, Collextion, InOro Cosmetics, EMBE', Porsche Roma, international Media Partner Marco Polo experience.

The Magnifica Awards “Rome like Hollywood” (Roma come Hollywood) – Gran Galà del Cinema Awards 2022 was sponsored by Roma Capitale, the Roma Lazio Film Commission and the Lazio Regional Council.

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About Roma Lazio Film Commission

The Film Commission Foundation of ROME and LAZIO, operational since October 2007, was founded on 5 February 2007, and established by the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Rome, the Province of Rome, the Province of Frosinone, the Province of Rieti, and the Province of Viterbo.

Rome and Lazio Film Commission assists national and international productions in the search for qualified professionals. Activate agreements for supplies and services, offering productions the best conditions for hotels, services, transport, catering, rentals, etc. and provides support for obtaining filming permits throughout the region. It offers productions an accurate location scouting service, dedicated to discovering the most suitable and innovative locations.

The commission’s goal is "to encourage national and foreign companies in the cinematographic and audiovisual sector to invest and produce in Rome and in the regional territory, to jointly promote the image of Rome and Lazio, ... to raise awareness of the cultural, environmental and tourist heritage and develop the growth of territorial competitiveness..."


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