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Marta Polombo’s “A Garden” Revels in Love’s Beauty and Struggle

A Garden” offers an intimate and ethereal journey through Marta Palombo's folkloric woodland soundscape

Walking through the forest, the trees open up to a sunlit gathering of flowers, the trace of a human’s hand and eye found everywhere. You’ve discovered “A Garden,” Marta Palombo’s latest single — being released to inaugurate the artist’s newest musical era — available on all streaming platforms on February 23rd.

Known for her cinematic soundscapes and richly emotional songwriting, this latest piece expands on Palombo’s repertoire, creating a woodland soundscape that quietly asks for close, compassionate listening.

“A Garden” is a reflection on love and the unpredictable way things begin to grow when we nurture them. Palombo’s autobiographical lyrics intertwine beauty, romance, struggle, and perseverance. These are the features that define love and all those beings that reach for the sunlight. As the artist herself says, "Relationships aren’t perfect, and sometimes you go through arcs where you’re uncertain of the outcome. There is healing in admitting that something isn’t right and working to figure it out."

Influenced by the music of Bon Iver, Lizzy McAlpine, and Phoebe Bridgers, “A Garden” brings in collaborators to fill out the sound. Nashville’s own Robert Blakely and Patrick Monnius breathe life into the track with violin, viola, and guitar. Mitch McLaughlin, Jude Icarus, and Foster Ferrell also appear, filling out the lush cinematic soundscape.

With “A Garden,” Palombo gives us a nuanced take on love, one that opens up petal by petal. Soon, the eternal hope and earthy optimism at the heart of the music blossoms inside the listener — coming to all streaming platforms on February 23rd.

Marta Polombo’s “A Garden” Gallery

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