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Paris Modest Fashion Week 2024: A Celebration of Resilience

By: Staff| Paris Modest Fashion Week 2024| Image: PMFW

The Paris Modest Fashion Week (PMFW) 2024 is set to be a landmark event, bringing together 30 brands from the modest fashion and French and international beauty sectors for the third consecutive year, following the meteoric success of its previous editions.

The agenda is packed with engaging talks, captivating runway shows, a multi-brand showroom, and many more surprises. This edition aims to be more intimate, private, and exclusive. A highlight of this year's PMFW is the premiere of a documentary film produced by Modest Fashion France and co-produced by Samir Bouadla and Sabrina Parnanzone. Titled “Resilience,” the film features a diverse group of women who embody resilience, serving as symbols and role models in their own unique ways.

The chosen venue for the event encapsulates the very essence of fashion in France, situated in Paris's historic textile district: Le Sentier. This location is deeply symbolic, housed within the former workshop of a knitwear brand that thrived for over 40 years. It's a space where raw modernity meets history, with concrete floors and walls contrasting with the chrome textures of the façade and the colorful installations that reflect the vision of MFF, as imagined by its founder.

“This district represents my ultimate symbol of resilience. It's here where I honed my fashion expertise, working for various ready-to-wear brands over the years. Today, I am organizing an event in the very same place, featuring brands that resonate with me. My former bosses have now become my clients, defying those who once told me that I could never progress in the fashion industry while staying true to my values,” reflects the founder.
"Since time immemorial, women have been constantly judged for their clothing choices—deemed either too much or too little. In today's context, they often struggle more than ever to make their voices heard, to assert their rights... all while juggling their personal values with societal expectations that dictate what is considered appropriate attire, often labeling a simple loose dress as too 'religious.'
To me, the Paris Modest Fashion Week is a celebration of women's freedom in all its diversity. It also embodies the belief that anything is possible, regardless of the barriers. The main idea is to collectively rewrite stories, stories that are markedly different from those that society has traditionally tried to impose on us,” states Sabrina Parnanzone.


The PARIS MODEST FASHION WEEK 2024 event was born in response to the needs of modest fashion actresses and consumers, both French and international, to come together in a setting that meets their expectations in terms of service and quality.

The Paris Modest Fashion Week (PMFW) 2024


The two fashion shows will take place on May 4-5, 2024.

Paris Modest Fashion Week Founder| Sabrina Parnanzone

Now surrounded by her sisters Sofia and Anissa, along with a team matching her ambitions, Sabrina is a true "chameleon" and a "Swiss Army knife" in the world of fashion. As a stylist and consultant in marketing and communication, she excels in every aspect and finds complete fulfillment in her work.

After pursuing studies in fashion design and accumulating over 6 years of experience within a style and research office for various French and international couture houses, she ventured into the realms of communication and marketing.

Driven by a passion for fashion, Sabrina guides various players in the fashion and beauty industry in their quest for comprehensive development, spanning from product creation in factories and workshops to online and in-store deployment.

For more information, visit Paris Modest Fashion Week.


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