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Spring Horror Fun at New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival

Written By Tammy Reese

The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival took place April 8–10th in Atlantic City, NJ at the Showboat Hotel. LaKisa Renee and Tammy Reese of Cultured Focus Magazine celebrated their 5th time covering the major industry horror event.

When you walked into the showroom, some of the first and most beloved special guests you saw were Barry Bostwick and Father Evil (original horror persona created by Lou “Evil Lou” Avilleira. When you continued on, your eyes glazed upon some of the biggest stars in the room who are cast in AMC’s hit TV series “The Walking Dead”, Ross Marquand (Aaron), and Paola Lazaro (Princess). After 12 years, The Walking Dead is currently in its final season.

Star-studded New Jersey Horror Con in Atlantic City

Other celebrities that were spotted are Legendary Actress Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Higher Learning), Bai Ling (The Crow & Star Wars Episode III), the cast of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, including, Kim Myers, Whit Hertford, Mark Patton, and Beatrice Boepple who played the role of Amanda Krueger(Freddy’s Mom).

Cathy Moriarty (Casper & Kindergarten Cop), Joe Bob Briggs (The Last Drive-In), Butch Patrick (The Munsters), John Russo (writer of Night of The Living Dead), Patty Mullen (Frankenhooker), Corey Glover (Platoon & Living Colour) and many more.

Guests that recently were spotted at the PA Horror Con also attended the NJ Horror Con. Such as Dave Sheridan (Doofy- Scary Movie), Christine Elise and Alex Vincent from the Child’s Play franchise, Tony Moran (the original Michael Myers), and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp).

Horror and pop culture lovers mingled with each other, the celebs, and venders all in one room which made the environment easily accessible to everyone and presented an intimate and personal experience. The celebrity Q and A panels hosted by Chris Stiles and LeMar McLean, along with the indie film festival took place in a different part of the Showboat Hotel.

The venue was not only filled with vendors, staff, celebs, and attendees but also some of the best cosplayers ever! One of the cosplay contest winners was Hansi Oppenheimer. The annual Scaryoke was hosted by Actress Jennifer Banko, best known for her role in Friday The 13th Part VII. Whit Hertford (Jacob) from Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5: Dream Child had a killer performance.

About New Jersey Horror Con

The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival was created by Founder Ryan Scott Weber. Ryan has created a unique experience and community for horror lovers from around the country to often come together in a diverse, safe, positive vibes environment. The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival team is made up of professionals in the Horror field and past convention creators. The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival is an annual gathering of professionals in the horror industry, actors, artists, filmmakers, dealers, and, of course, horror fans. NJHC serves as both an industry insider’s networking event and a chance for fans of the genre to get together, meet some of the creative talents in the field, and generally spend a weekend celebrating all things scary.

Alot of people's dreams or maybe we should say nightmares have come true because of the NJHCFF. Ryan has allowed Tammy and LaKisa the monumental opportunity to meet, interview, work with, and become friends/family with some of the biggest horror actors, writers, and directors of our lifetime. The impact that the ladies have made is so profound. They are always getting compliments about their professionalism, style, and energy.

LaKisa and Tammy give special thanks to Ryan, all of the Chris’s, and all of the NJHCFF family for being so welcoming and for all of the continued support.

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