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TEFAF New York Showcases Pre-eminent Art, Antiques and Design

Cultured Focus Magazine at TEFAF New York
TEFAF New York Showcase Pre-eminent Art, Antiques and Design

Cultured Focus Magazine had the pleasure of attending TEFAF after its notable absence on the art and design calendar over the past two years. This year, we have the return of TEFAF’s (The European Fine Art Fair) annual art, antiques, and design fair.

TEFAF, widely considered to be one of the world’s leading art fairs, was hosted this May in New York’s historic Park Avenue Armory and will be hosted again at the MECC in Maastricht, Netherlands in June this year. First held in Maastricht in 1988, this year’s annual fair celebrates the 35th edition of the art fair event and only its 5th appearance in New York City.

The New York art event saw droves of visitors immersed in the finest art, antique and design offerings from the world’s leading art dealers. In celebration of Cultured Focus Magazine’s attendance at TEFAF New York 2022, we’re showcasing an incredible line-up of exhibits that were on display during the New York iteration of the iconic art fair.


Richard Green | TEFAF New York

Richard Green is synonymous with exceptional quality and provenance. Based in London, the art specialists pride themselves on their ability to offer a constantly changing selection of artworks to audiences. The booth met the brief, presenting a great variety of works, such as Dame Barbara Hepworth’s bronze sculptural piece Amulet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s 20th century still life, ‘Roses dans un vase vert.

KEHINDE WILEY - Portrait of Jorge Gitoo Wright (2022)

KEHINDE WILEY - Portrait of Jorge Gitoo Wright| TEFAF New York

Kehinde Wiley’s ‘Portrait of Jorge Gitoo Wright’ stood a staggering eight feet tall in the Sean Kelly booth. The piece presents an intersection between a modern-day influencer and a traditional knight flanked in armor, celebrating the contrast between the structure of the armor against the organic nature of flowers. This thought-provoking piece invites viewers to consider the way we present ourselves to the world and the masks we wear for protection.


Adrian Sassoon at TEFAF New York
Adrian Sassoon at TEFAF New York

Adrian Sassoon, the UK-based art dealer, specializes in contemporary artworks and antique French porcelain. The Adrian Sassoon booth presented a considered curation of ceramics, metalwork, and glass. The exhibit injected a rich mix of colours and texture into the TEFAF event, offering visitors the opportunity to witness a unique collection of sculptural pieces.


Otto Jakob Jewels at TEFAF New York
Otto Jakob Jewels at TEFAF New York

The pieces presented by Germany's Otto Jakob, self-taught artist-goldsmith, and jeweller, were truly incredible to observe. The collection evoked a sense of opulence with ornate designs including vibrant gemstones, richly coloured metals, and elaborate engravings.


Almine Rech - New York at TEFAF
Almine Rech - New York at TEFAF

French art dealer, Almine Rech, offered visitors the chance to immerse themselves in artistic diversity. The Almine Rech booth presented a curated mix of artists spanning generations, geographical locations, and art styles - the exhibition inspiring us to contemplate different perspectives that exist in the contemporary art space.


Yares Art at TEFAF New York
Yares Art at TEFAF New York

True to its name, ‘Fields of Color,’ the Yares Art exhibition celebrated the impactful color of abstract paintings from the 1960s and 1970s. A true feast for the eyes, the exhibit demanded attention. Creating palpable energy, ‘Fields of Color’ was an exhibit that had to be experienced.

GANA ART – Seoul

Gana Art at TEFAF New York
Gana Art at TEFAF New York

The Gana Art exhibition at TEFAF 2022 proudly presented a vast array of artworks by Korean artists. Gana Art has played a pivotal role in introducing Korean artists to the international art stage. Most notable was Sookyung Yee’s ceramic piece, a beautiful coming together of ceramic shards, epoxy and 24k gold leaf, inspired by the contrasts that exist around us.

TEFAF New York 2022 has reignited the annual art event and set the stage for an incredible TEFAF Maastricht June 2022. Cultured Focus Magazine relished the opportunity to explore the world-class art exhibitions that filled the Park Avenue Armory space in New York. The immersive experience and well-curated selection of pieces on show are just the design world needed this year. TEFAF New York has inspired a fresh enthusiasm for what is to come in the art and design space for the remainder of 2022.

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