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Terrance Tykeem Highlights Social Issues in Upcoming Film "Abused" featuring Angie Stone

Releases New Song "Don't Give Up"
By: Karen Williams | Releases New Song "Don't Give Up" | Image: Brittany Brand

Terrance Tykeem Releases New Song "Don't Give Up" featuring Angie Stone in “Abused" Film

Terrance Tykeem, the multi-talented and socially conscious artist, author, and filmmaker, is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest project, the film "Abused." This thought-provoking film, scheduled for an early 2024 release, brings attention to the urgent issue of abuse in society. To further amplify the film's powerful message, Tykeem has collaborated with Grammy winner Ms. Angie Stone on the film's soundtrack, releasing the soul-stirring single "Don't Give Up”; out now!

Terrance Tykeem, known for his previous successes in the music and film industry, has consistently used his platform to shed light on important social matters. From his late 90's hit single, "If You Can't Learn to Love Her," which tackled the issue of spousal abuse, to his recent films addressing police shootings and social injustice, Tykeem's work continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

After a career-altering injury halted his dreams of playing in the NFL, Tykeem channeled his passion into building Top Flight Records, a venture that allowed him to explore the music industry. Throughout his musical journey, he secured recording deals with major distributors and labels, working with legendary hip hop artist Eric B and collaborating with Warner Bros. subsidiary Brandon Records. Tykeem's musical expertise also played a vital role in signing promising acts, such as NAAM BRIGADE and UNPLUGGED, to prominent record labels.

In addition to his accomplishments in the music industry, Tykeem ventured into television production, generating interest from respected networks such as BET and VH1. His first TV show, "The Players Club," caught the attention of rapper/director Ice Cube, who purchased the show's name for his feature film debut. These successes propelled Tykeem's passion for filmmaking, leading him to release impactful films like "Touched," which aimed to raise awareness about child abuse, and "Jason's Letter," which explored the effects of police shootings on a young boy's community. With "Abused," Tykeem once again delves into a pressing social issue, promising to stimulate conversations and inspire change.

Accompanying the film's release, Tykeem presents the powerful single "Don't Give Up" from the "Abused" soundtrack. This soulful track features the incomparable talent of Grammy winner Ms. Angie Stone, who brings her signature vocal prowess to add depth and emotion to the song. With its resonating lyrics and uplifting melody, "Don't Give Up" serves as a beacon of hope for those who have experienced abuse, reminding them to stay strong and persevere.

As "Abused" nears completion and the release of "Don't Give Up" draws closer, Terrance Tykeem's dedication to creating impactful art continues to shine through. Through his films and music, Tykeem strives to raise awareness, spark dialogue, and inspire positive change in society.

Releases New Song "Don't Give Up"
Releases New Song "Don't Give Up"

For more information on Terrance Tykeem and his upcoming projects, including "Abused" and the release of "Don't Give Up" featuring Angie Stone, please follow him on Instagram @terrancetykeem @ttykeem @featuredonthetrack and @word4wordshow for the latest updates.

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About Terrance Tykeem:

Terrance Tykeem is a multi-talented artist, author, and filmmaker known for his socially conscious work. With a successful career in the music industry and a passion for storytelling, Tykeem has consistently used his platform to address important social issues. Through his films and music, he aims to inspire change and create a better world.


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