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The Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment Indie Director’s and Creator’s Spotlight at Sundance 2023

The Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment Indie Director’s and Creator’s Spotlight at Sundance 2023
By: LaKisa Renee | Tabitha Brown, Ericka Nicole | Rowena Husbandsalone, and Wendy Raquel Willams| Image:

In celebration of diversity in filmmaking, Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment's Indie Director's and Creator's Spotlight set its footprints in the snow as a true industry hotspot at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The lounge offered a day of behind-the-scenes, authentic education, networking, and industry-driven panels. Emmy Award-winning social media personality/ actress/author Tabitha Brown, and Perception: Seeing is Not Believing producer Denver Robbins served as moderators to keep the conversation flowing and energy high.

Panel participation included Eduardo Ramirez, Director of Photography for NARCOS and Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story, who spoke on the challenges of cinematography as a person of color in Hollywood. Craig Ross, writer/director/producer of AllBlack's Monogamy, openly discussed his long career as a director for Fox's Prison Break, Bones, and NCIS. Matty Rich, writer/director of Straight Out of Brooklyn and the cult classic The InkWell, debuted the trailer for his new film Birth of the Black Underworld. Ericka Nicole Malone, writer/executive producer of Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story and Ward of the State and Essence Film Festival’s Lamonia Brown, explored how to break through barriers of diversity in the industry. Vanessa Estelle Willams, actress/producer best known for Soul Food and HBO’s L Word - 2nd Generation conversed on her transition from acting to creating. And Wendy Raquel Robinson, star of Paramount’s The Game, reviewed her veteran career and philanthropic work as Art Director for NAACP award-winning 501(c)3 program, Amazing Grace Conservatory (AGC).

"The Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment Indie Director and Creator's Spotlight" was a day of overwhelming celebration for the independent directors and creators of color who are transforming Hollywood. By bringing them together to share their stories in front of an industry audience such as Sundance, I hope their unique experiences and knowledge will lend support and inspiration to others on this same journey," stated Ericka Nicole Malone.

In reflection Matty Rich shared “It was an honor for me to be able to showcase my latest work “Birth of the Black Underworld” at Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment’s lounge. I was in awe of level of talent that came out to support her platform. Hats off to Ericka for bringing this conversation, top talent and integrity to the industry.”

Interview with Ericka Nicole Malone by Lakisa Renee

Photo credit: Rowena Husbands

Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment's evening activation transformed into a sexy Neo Soul lounge with Dj Q-Nice live on the decks and sultry performances by award-winning R&B artists Sha'leah Nikole, Alfred Jackson, Keith Robinson, and Angie Stone. Not only were invite-only guests entertained but so were their taste buds with free-flowing signature cocktails, mocktails, warm beverages, and rotational fare such as Mediterranean bowls, gourmet vegan and beef sliders, chicken wings, and Caprese bites. Gifting supported brands such as Tabitha Brown Organic Popcorn and Sunshine Seasoning, Obali Cool Coffee cliques, RAD8 Collagen Sparkling Tea, Wordy Girl Essentials luxury candles, House of Broadnax Beauty, MediTEAtions Manifest LOVE and Detox blends, and more. With its beautifully built-out space dripping in art deco elegance featuring chandeliers, candles, furs, fragrant florals, white leather furniture, shag carpets, gold statement pieces, and beyond, Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment produced an intimate experience to be remembered by all.

While it's a successful wrap for the Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment brand, the exhilaration continues for the "Indie Director's and Creator's Spotlight" creator, Ericka Nicole Malone. Her latest film, "Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story," holds multiple nominations for the upcoming 2023 NAACP Image Awards --Outstanding Independent Motion Picture, Outstanding Breakthrough Performance, and Outstanding Breakthrough Creative.

Malone concluded, "My goal is to continue bringing this necessary conversation to Sundance to impact more and more people every year. From a filmmaker and civil rights perspective, I am unbelievably proud to live in this moment and share this privilege with others. 2024 will carry an even bigger voice."

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