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The Second Edition of Women in Cinema Awards (WICA) Kicks Off at Rome Film Festival 2021

Women in Cinema Co-Founder and Presented Claudia Conte
Women in Cinema Co-Founder and Presented Claudia Conte

Written by: Ekaterina Shevliakova

The second edition of Women in Cinema Awards (WICA) kicked off at the Rome Film Festival held at the museum of modern art MAXXI held October 18th 2021. Women in Cinema Award hosted and created by Italian actress Claudia, with Italian producer Angela Prudenzi celebrated female talent and empowerment in cinema industry. The event was organised under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Italy and was a part of the Roman Film Festival. During this edition the Academy of WICA, an award was given to several industry trailblazers including one of the most renowned actresses in Italy Carolina Crescentini, editor Francesca Calvelli and screenwriter Valia Santella. The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Milena Vukotic, the legendary actress of Italian cinema and television. The Award for social commitment went to Paola Turci, a famous Italian singer who has been fighting for many years for the rights of women just as well as to Barbara De Angelis, doctor and major of the Italian Army, who has participated in many missions in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq. The prizes were presented by Zahara Ahmadi, the Afghan activist and business owner who dedicates a majority of her time helping women in her country.

It has been an great experience for me to interview Zahara and to complement her for her extreme bravery. This edition of Women in cinema Awards in Rome had been highly dedicated to the the valorization of women’s rights and all the ladies awarded represent this important mission.

For more information, follow them on Instagram: @womenincinemaaward


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