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The Seventh Edition of Creative District Hosted by Spazio Margutta in Rome

Laura Spreti - model Andrea Duma
Laura Spreti - Model Andrea Duma

Written by: Ekaterina Shevliakova

It has been a while since cities hosted live fashion shows, but it was a pleasant experience to see the Haute Couture Rome Fashion White 2021 that took place in one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Rome San Paolo Dentro le Mura last Monday.

Spazio Margutta hosted the event produced by designer Antonio Falanga who created the cultural initiative 14 years ago. Organized by Grazia Marino, the event aims to promote Haute couture and creative brands who combine creativity with innovation, technology with tradition.

In the initiative sponsored by the Lazio Region, by the Municipality of Rome - Municipio Roma I Centro, by CNA Federmoda and by Confocommercio Roma, led by the fashion and costume journalist Cinzia Malvini, it was possible to admire the Haute Couture Bride creations of the Donato Twins; the Prêt à Couture Collection by Vittoria Roma; the capusule collections "Waves collection" and "Nubes collection" of the SITAM Academy of Fashion and Design in Lecce and finally the Haute Couture and Bridal Fashion by Laura Spreti.

During the event, which was attended by such by personalities from the world of fashion, cinema, entertainment and politics as the Undersecretary for Culture Senator Lucia Borgonzoni, Sabrina Alfonsi Councilor of the Municipality of Rome with the delegations to the Environment, to the Agriculture and Waste, Antonio Franceschini General Secretary of CNA Federmoda, Stefano Dominella of Maison Gattinoni, Sergio Valente, Didi Leoni, Sara Iannone, Roberta Ammendola and the model Andrea Duma, actress Antonella Salvucci, Raffaele Squillace, Roberto Carminati and Francesca Mura , Tina and Claudio Vannini.


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