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Tobi In Paris! Opening Runway Show At The Ritz Has More Meaning Than Just Fashion

Tobi In Paris! Runway Show at The Ritz Hotel
Tobi Rubinstein | Runway Show at The Ritz Hotel

“Dreams do come true on the runways of Paris.

Gratitude and Attitude on the runway Paris.

Faith And Fashion in Paris Runway Show.

Fashion Week in Paris celebrates Faith.

Modest Is Puttin On the Glitz at The Ritz. “ – Tobi Rubinstein

The opening show for Fashion Week-Studio at The Ritz hotel during Paris Fashion Week fulfilled a special request from an unlikely model. Tobi Rubinstein, author of the best-selling book; The House Of Faith And Fashion. She had asked the producers of the multiple shows if she could walk the runway to create the exact photo for her upcoming second book in the series. Since she is a formidable force in faith and fashion circles, Modesty issues were of a concern. To a cheering front row, she strutted a Linda Sow Couture elegant black sequined and pearl gown to meet all the requirements involved with the perfect Tzuri Gueta necklace. Tzuri just finished a collaboration with Balmain’s show the night before. Each VIP front-row guest and press were given a card, playfully titled “ Tobi In Paris “ explaining everything. It read:

Tobi Rubinstein on Runway Show at The Ritz Hotel
Author and Former Fashion Designer Tobi Rubinstein | The Ritz Hotel

Among the 200 guests was Alvina Alston (More Media) with her newest client and pop star DIDI J fresh off her single with Iggy Azelea.

In a world filled with anxiety, strife,and even war, fashion shows can offer a safe haven to make dreams come true on the runways of Paris Fashion Week.

“In Fashion We Trust: Tobi Rubinstein On Losing And Finding Her Faith In The Industry” by Stephan Rabimov via a recent Forbes write up, indicated that; “The thriving $227 billion-dollar market has cemented its place in the American retail landscape with the inaugural Miami Modest Fashion Week in 2019.

You know a fashiontrend has arrivedwhen it is being promoted by the United States diplomatic mission in Italy!

It is a Modest Fashion. It's beyond a Trend. It's a Faith-Value Fashion that has more meaning than just Fashion.


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