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Tyler Perry's Bruh Premieres: A BET+ Original Series

(From l-r: Mahdi Cocci, Barry Brewer, Monti Washington, Phillip Mullings Jr.)

Written by: Tammy Reese

Tyler Perry’s Bruh” follows four Black male friends from college — now in their 30s — navigating careers, relationships, and life in Atlanta. Season 2 of the dramedy series picks up with the newest bruh, Greg (Shawn Vaughn), Tom’s college roommate, joining the fold as he looks to rebuild after divorce. The crew is all back together, but they will have to fight harder than ever to keep their brotherhood intact. Greg meets the neighbor, Officer Darla Grills (Quei Tann), and both feel instant chemistry, but the connection may be halted when interactions get too hot too fast. Bill is still trying to win back Regina (Candice Renée), but things get complicated when he reconnects with ex-girlfriend, Natalie (Liz Lafontant). Mike tries to pull back from the guys and lady friend Pamela (Alyssa Goss) but will realize how important his friends are when it’s discovered he’s fighting through a dangerous addiction. John finally meets a potential love interest in Littia (Ebony N. Mayo), a bartender at a restaurant the guys frequent; he still owns the sandwich shop with his mother, Alice (Chandra Currelley), and is figuring out his career path. Of all the guys, Tom is the happiest everyone is together, but a family crisis may disrupt how much time he has, to be the glue for the group.

Tammy Reese of Cultured Focus Magazine got to attend the cast press day. Watch her full interview with the lead cast members of "Bruh" here:

SERIES LOGLINE: Get to know hard-luck entrepreneur John and his more successful friends from college Tom, Bill and Mike as they navigate careers, relationships and life in Atlanta.


· EPISODE 211 “ONE CHANCE” — Mike apologizes to Regina. Regina makes a big move with Bill. Alice shares life altering information with Greg.

· EPISODE 212 “LIKE THE WIND” — Alice is upset about her doctor’s informal diagnosis. Pamela is floored when Mike decides to be completely transparent with her.

· EPISODE 213 “WHAT I FEEL” — Darla slows down Greg’s advances. Mike is keeping a deep-rooted secret from the brotherhood. John finds out shocking news about Littia.

· EPISODE 214 “TOMORROW COMES” — Mike comes to terms with his secret and finally decides to talk to the bruhs. Bill is trying to find a way out of his current dilemma. Darla is wounded at work but refuses a full examination from Greg.

· EPISODE 215 “COLD FEET” — Bill is forced to make a hard choice. John develops a fear of Littia. Bill seeks counsel. Pamela is determined to help Mike.

· EPISODE 216 “THE APPOINTED TIME” — Mike reaches a new low and breaking point. Pamela shares her trauma with Mike to relate. John is not surprised about Greg’s latest revelation.

· EPISODE 217 “ONCE UPON A TIME” — Mike acts on a huge decision and finds support in Pamela. Regina follows her heart instead of her mind. Bill realizes he has a real problem.

· EPISODE 218 “AROUND EACH CORNER” — Littia’s actions are causing John discomfort. Mike is being difficult and resistant to Natalie’s help. John must decide to speak up.

· EPISODE 219 “IT’S JUST DINNER” — Darla has a secret that changes Greg’s opinion of her. John debates whether or not to confront Greg. Littia and John have a candid conversation.

PRODUCTION CREDITS: TYLER PERRY’S BRUH is executive produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. Michelle Sneed also serves as Executive Producer of the series for Tyler Perry Studios.

(From l-r: Mahdi Cocci, Barry Brewer, Monti Washington, Phillip Mullings Jr.)

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