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Ukrainian Embassy Hosts Peace Concert for Ukraine in Rome in Collaboration with The Vatican

By Ekaterina Shevliakova | Peace for Ukraine Dignataries| Image: Giuseppe Tedeschi

The concert of sacred music “Peace for Ukraine" that was held in the Basilica of Santi Ambrogio E Carlo al Corso and took place on November 12th 2022 sponsored by the Ukraine Embassy at the Vatican and Tota Pulchra.

In the presence of the diplomats from the Diplomatic Corps accredited by the Vatican and the Ukrainian ambassadors to the Holy See, a magnificent organ and vocal concert took place in historic Rome, Italy. Esteemed guests in attendance included Ambassador Andrii Yurash, H.E. Yaroslav Melnyk , Conductor and Artistic Director Dmitry Morozov of the National Opera Theater of Kharkiv Ukraine, and Mezzo-soprano Maria Ratkova, the lead opera singer of the Kharkiv National Opera Theater.

Using music as a cultural bridge and carrier of peace, the concert was successful thanks to two superb musicians Maria Ratkova and Dmitry Morozov who presented a full program with both instrumental and vocal portions showcasing central European and American music.

Conductor Dmitry Morozov played the organ of this Magnificent Papal Basilica and was also accompanied by singers from the Ukrainian College of St. Giosafat.

The Holy Mass was celebrated by H.E.R. Cardinal Secretary of State Peter Parolin with many attendees from the Apostolic Exarchate of Italy for Ukrainian Catholics of Byzantine Rite led by His Excellency Monsignor Dionisiy Exarc Liakhovy.

Among the other guests in attendance were H.E. Monsignor Irynej Bilyk, Canon of the Basilica of Saint Mary Maggiore, and Ukrainian Catholic Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, great friend of the Ukrainian Embassy at the Holy See.

At the end of the liturgical celebration Maestro Giuseppe Tedeschi, organizer of events of the Embassy of Ukraine at the Holy See and Academician of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, accompanied the delegation of the two Ukrainian embassies, H.E. Andrii Yurash at the Holy See, and H.E. Yaroslav Melnyk of Italy, with Conductor Dmitry Morozov representing the Academic National Opera Theater in Kharkiv (Ukraine), to a private interview and greeting with H.E.R. Cardinal Parolin, who had the chance to express appreciation on behalf of the Holy See and recognize the distinguished guests for their support for Ukrainian music, the arts and for its use as a conduit to the peace process.

During the star-studded event, Director Dmitry Morozov and Mezzo-soprano Maria Ratkova gave a brief video interview to Cultured Focus Magazine. Morozov explained how the theatre continued its performances during the bombardment during war by moving its artists to the city of Bratislava in Slovakia. In the new location, they were able to continue their mission to inspire hope despite the difficulties of the war around them. Morozov is hoping that art can be an instrument on the way to eminent peace in Ukraine. Ratkova spoke on the importance of hope and peace in the world through music. View our exclusive interview with them below.

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About Kharkiv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre:

Kharkiv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is the first academic theater in Ukraine. It presents operas in Ukrainian, Russian, French and Italian. The theater, one of the leading Ukrainian theaters, opened in 1925 by presenting the famed opera "Sorochynska yarmarka" ("Sorochyntsy Fair") of Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. The repertoire includes around 50 operas and ballets, the majority of which are Ukrainian and Russian but there are also Italian ones. For more information, visit:


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