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Veteran PJ Cowan Launches Raw and Real Vet Talk Podcast

Veteran PJ Cowan Launches Raw and Real Vet Talk Podcast
By: Karen Williams | Veteran PJ Cowan Launches "Raw and Real Vet Talk" Podcast| Image: Kick Up Your Heels Ent.

Army veteran, Fitness trainer, Chef Launches 'Raw and Real Vet Talk' Podcast

PJ Cowan’s done a lot of living, with a background as an army veteran, father, fitness trainer, fitness competitor, and chef. And earlier this year, Cowan introduced his new podcast Raw and Real Vet Talk, offering engaging conversations across a wide span of topics.

Not your run-of-the-mill podcast, Cowan dives headfirst into the challenging topics that most people shy away from.

Veteran PJ Cowan Launches "Raw and Real Vet Talk" Podcast

Raw and Real Vet Talk explores life through the lens of an Army veteran, discusses the struggles and triumphs of parenting in the wake of divorce, and gets into the science of living healthy. Subscribing to Cowan’s podcast gives you access to a wide range of guests — everyone from fitness professionals to entertainers, veterans to fellow fathers. They bring their real world experience to the show, creating stimulating and profound discussions. And there’s even moments of spirited debate.

The podcast is the result of a long process that began once Cowan left the US Army after eight and a half years. Learning how to adjust to civilian life, he found himself encountering a lot of hard truths. The search to love oneself and discover what makes you truly happy has fueled his insights into what it means to be human. You can hear more about these new perspectives on his podcast.

Interested in diving into the world of PJ Cowan? Check out Raw and Real Vet Talk here. For more, find him on Instagram: @cowanpj_. Or reach him by email at


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