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WAJI Captures The Full Scope of A Failed Romance With New EP ‘The Pity Party’

The ultimate collection of anti season-of-love-anthems, The Pity Party explores heavy hearted subject matter with intensely captivating, energetic alt-pop beats. Alt-pop artist WAJI delivers an epic collection of four infectious heartbreak anthems in their new EP, The Pity Party, out now. The tracks on the EP provide four different instances of failed romance; at its core, The Pity Party is a dynamic statement in spite of the season of love that can be such a painful time for many, especially those dealing with a recent heartbreak. For the artist, “[they] compiled it in hopes that heartbroken people wouldn't feel so alone after hearing WAJI's struggles.” Each song on the EP captures a vivid story invigorated with energetic pop beats. Producers Don Ozi and Enjahn collaborated with WAJI on this project, as well as mixing engineer kamenmakesmusic. WAJI poured themselves into each song on this EP in order to process the hardships recounted by each of the melancholic tracks.

"I want all the broken-hearted people to realize that we're all in this together. Not all of us are swaying along to a generic love song playlist or eating horrible chocolate or receiving flowers that are definitely going to die due to neglect. Some of us are hurting, and that's fine. We can all be part of ‘The Pity Party’ and hurt together." - WAJI

The EP opens with lead single, “BMH,” which tells a heartfelt story of liberation from an abusive relationship with cascading pop instrumentation and a passionately anthemic chorus. For the artist, BMH represented an escapist fantasy in which they had the strength they needed to leave the reality of their abusive relationship. The second track on the EP, “Grieving,” reflects on the harrowing experience of a devastating heartbreak. WAJI’s somber lyrics intertwine perfectly with the harmonic tension that builds from airy synths and stacked background vocals. “HEA” (Happy Ever After) was added to the tracklist towards the end of the project. This energetic pop track - a striking collaboration between WAJI, Enjahn, and Don Ozi - quickly became one of the artist’s favorite pieces on the EP. In this story, WAJI is portrayed as the “nice guy” who desperately tries to “woo” their love interest, but ends up getting ditched for the “bad boy” with a motorcycle and leather jacket. The final track on The Pity Party, “WNB,” is the only track written and produced independently by WAJI. “WNB” tells the story of a romantic conflict rooted in lack of trust, and explores the argument from both perspectives. After the beat switches up following the second chorus, listeners get to hear the perspective of one of the lovers defending themselves against allegations of infidelity.

Listeners can stream The Pity Party on all major streaming platforms now.

More About WAJI:

WAJI is a colorful singer-songwriter known for their mesmerizing story telling abilities. Playful lyricism, catchy melodies, and relatable stories characterize the type of music listeners can expect from WAJI. Nigerian influences shine brightly through WAJI’s sound; artists like 2Baba and Asa are at the top of the list. They also gravitate towards artists like Bruno Mars and The Weeknd, who bring versatility, charisma, and confidence to their music. Having grown up in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the now Georgia based artist made the transition to the U.S. to study mechanical engineering before diving into their music career. WAJI embraces the spotlight on every track as they deliver engaging melodies with creativity and playfulness. The songwriter channels their personal experiences into their music and offers a charming sincerity backed by a charming confidence. Despite their introverted nature, WAJI has no issue letting their personality and style shine through their music. Fans can expect new music from WAJI in 2022 while they excitedly anticipate the release of their upcoming EP.

Once in college, WAJI began exploring their personal identity and becoming more in touch with themselves than ever before. The social disapproval from their Nigerian peers made accepting the more intimate parts of themselves especially difficult; while life in the U.S. made it easier to live freely as their true self, the extreme cultural shift made it difficult for the artist to adjust. WAJI found themselves spending most of their day escaping reality through songwriting to cope with the burdens of frustration and isolation. The songwriter made the courageous decision to release one of the many stories they had stockpiled despite feelings of social anxiety and loneliness. Their first release on soundcloud, “Baby,” in 2019 was received a more than positive response from listeners. The artist joined MaxterMix Music Group Collective - a collaborative artist community - shortly after this release, and continued working to hone their craft with this newfound support system. For WAJI, they hope that listeners can find the same sense of freedom and release from their music that the artist feels while writing.

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