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Women in Cinema Award (WICA) Given to Jane Campion and Esteemed Leaders at 80th Venice Film Festival

80th Venice Film Festival
By: Ekaterina Shevliakova| Jane Campion and Claudia Conte at WICA 2023 in Venice| Image: Claudia Conte

Dedicated to solutions to help in the fight in violence against women, amazing trailblazers were celebrated at the WICA Venice Film Festival 2023 event

The seventh edition of the Women in Cinema Award took place on September 5th at the Italian Pavilion of the Hotel Excelsior. The event was hosted by Claudia Conte, presenter, columnist, and human rights activist. Co-founder Angela Prudenzi also spoke on the importance of prevention and advocacy. An appeal launched by Anita Falcetta, activist and president of Women of Change Italia (cultural partner of the event), called for prevention and social responsibility for the elimination of gender-based violence among young people.

Women in Cinema (WICA)
Angela Prudenzi Speaking at WICA 2023| Image: Fulvio Patrello


The winner of this year’s award was a distinguished group of women including Oscar winner Jane Campion, the world-renowned researcher Ilaria Capua, director and screenwriter Kaouther Ben Hania, actress and director Monica Guerritore, singer Noemi, and Chiara Sbarigia (the first woman to preside over central institutions for the audiovisual industry such as Cinecittà and APA). “These are six extraordinary female figures: directors, producers, actresses, singers, scientific researchers, professionals of great prestige, each of whom has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment in their area within the global film landscape with a careful look at the world of women and gender equality”, reads the motivations.

Images: WICA

“This year we have chosen to dedicate WICA to the topic of violence against women, – explains Claudia Conte – because we are facing a real emergency and it is important to keep the spotlight on."

We met up with Claudia Conte and other esteemed leaders for exclusive interviews conducted by journalist Ekaterina Shevliakova. Check out the video highlights below from the 80th Venice Film Festival. Stay tuned for English translation in the days to come.


Images: WICA


The Women in Cinema Award – WiCA is a prize created by female journalists with the aim of highlighting female talent in national and international cinema: actresses, directors, screenwriters, authors, producers and leading figures in the sector. However, it is not an award geared only towards females, but there is a desire to pay tribute to female filmmakers and highlight stories that put females at the center. The award winners are chosen from those demonstrating excellence in cinema and related arts, as well as those personalities involved in social activities.

The prizes are awarded by un’Academy all female composed of film journalists Fulvia Caprara, Paola Casella, Alessandra De Luca, Titta Fiore, Alessandra Magliaro, Antonella Nesi, Chiara Nicoletti, Cristiana Paternò, Angela Prudenzi, Barbara Righini, Marina Sanna, Stefania Ulivi.

The Women in Cinema Award enjoys the patronage of the Ministry of Culture. Cultural partners of Wica are ICFF-Italian Contemporary Film Festival, Women of Change, the Age d’Or; the sponsors Kpmg, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment (Ilbe SpA), Accurate-Health and Learning; media partner, Celebre Magazine World, Cultured Focus Magazine, Fortune Italia, Fred Film Radio, Global Event Magazine, Luxury Investment Magazine,, Renaissance Magazine, Journal des Bijoux.

For more information on WICA, visit:

Instagram: @womenincinema

Videographer credit: Fulvio Patrello


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