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Franklin Eugene: A Cut Above Milan Men's Fashion Week SS17

SOARS FROM THE MILAN RUNWAY TO THE HEAVENS Franklin Eugene’s latest opulent sartorial offering has taken us somewhere over the rainbow and deep up in to the clouds. Something about how the entire range works in unison while each piece stands alone creates a floating, buoyant, lightness. The collection starts with its “proverbial feet” planted firmly on the ground, albeit that ground where the evergreen mountain top meets the deep blue skyline. This is where The Darren, The Danny, The Dempster, The Denis, and The DiMarco take center stage. By the time this array of shirts, trousers, and shorts is finished we are beginning to feel a bit lighter and transitioning from the mountain tops to the heavens. Here, The Harold enters stage left. The Harold is an off white wool crepe extra masculine cut one button suit sensation finished with Franklin Eugene's trademark eight button arm cuff. Styled with evergreen mountain top and deep blue accents, this silhouette reminds us where we have been and tells where we are going. Heaven can no longer wait and we find ourselves in a celestial rapture as The Henry, The Halsted, The Hymson, The Harvel and other off white ensembles enter stage right. We are floating now. Transitioning with ease, The Harmen, The Harpel, and The Harnnet move us to a place where sage wisdom abounds. Sage prudence is reflected by a plethora of sage colored clothing. This is a home coming of sorts as we return to center stage. This portion of the range has much to offer and contains everything from the Franklin Eugene 'Jirt' (jacket/shirt) to three piece suits and tuxedos. Pause, be still, take it all in. Please visit:

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