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Are Beauty Bloggers More Important Than Experts?

For luxury brands who count professional makeup artists as creative partners, pairing with a well-known beauty vlogger may yield better results, as the internet celebrity may be more relatable than the artist behind the products.

“Luxury brands are still reluctant to use the beauty bloggers as the faces of their campaigns,” said Ambika Zutshi, CEO of Fashionbi, Milan. “However, given the power of these bloggers, they are really missing a big opportunity. These bloggers have highly expanded presence, daily activeness, daily growth in followers and positive appeal that brands only stand to gain from a collaboration.

“Today, vloggers are reaching millions of followers and views compared to the professional makeup artists and beauty brands themselves,” said Zutshi. “The top-of-the list beauty bloggers are present on all the most important channels, have an audience reach of 26 million on average and speak in the local language of their audience.

“On the other hand, the professional makeup artists are not even present on all channels, do not interact one-on-one with their fans given their status, are mostly from English-speaking countries and could be quite intimidating for the young digital customer-base. This sets a hurdle between a brand, its spokesperson and its influence on the final purchaser.”

Fashionbi looked at beauty spending across the globe and which countries drive the most growth for the sector. Also, Fashionbi compared the top 15 beauty vloggers and the industry’s top professional makeup artists to grade impact. To read the full report visit:


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