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John Varvatos Features Musician Hozier For Fall/Winter 2016

U.S. menswear brand John Varvatos has reiterated its rock ‘n’ roll appeal through an original music video featuring pieces from its fall/winter 2016 campaign. For the fall/winter 2016 advertisements, the menswear label worked with Irish singer/songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne, known as Hozier professionally.The menswear brand worked with Hozier to create an original music video.

John Varvatos’ video concept was produced by Yard, a creative agency, and directed by Mr. Clinch. In the video, Hozier performs his song “To Be Alone” while dressed in a number of pieces from the fall/winter 2016 collection.

The video brings John Varvatos’ advertising concept to life with an “unplugged” feeling. Hozier is shown seated on a chair with only a guitar and microphone stand. As he performs, the camera pans from the movement of his fingers on guitar’s strings and up to the microphone, and back again. As the video concludes, the camera recedes down a brick alleyway to show Hozier unplugging his guitar from an amp, along with the feedback noise, before the John Varvatos logo appears on the viewer’s screen. Read more at:

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