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Indulge in the luxurious scents of Florence, Italy

Florence luxury fragrances

Florence has long been perceived as one of Italy's most enchanting cities, being the majestic birthplace of the Renaissance art, history and architecture.

There is something else that Florence is famous for: the ancient art of making health and beauty products according to ancient formulas passed down through generations.

These fantastic luxury fragrances will make you dream of Florence and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany in Italy.

Dr Vranjes

Dr. Paolo Vranjes is a pharmacist, a chemist and an expert in cosmetics, but most importantly a man who translates emotions into fragrant creations, creating elegant scents for the home and for the body by combining natural ingredients with the finest essential oils. His luxury home fragrances aim to stimulate the senses and add warmth to any household.

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

The Officina Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella of Florence is the most antique pharmacy in all of Europe. Dominican monks opened this pharmacy to the public in 1612 and you can buy here the ‘patented’ herbal remedies – balms, lotions, tonics, herbal teas, honeys – alongside more modern creations, including haircare, skincare, signature soaps (said to be the best in the world), room scents, smelling-salts and a range of unique perfumes.

Antica Erboristeria e Spezieria San Simone

Antica Erboristeria e Spezieria San Simone, based in Florence since 1700, is one of the oldest herbalist’s shop in Florence, proposing a large selection of cosmetics and perfumes. In the last centuries, the herbalists at Antica Erboristeria have mixed their deep knowledge of the properties of herbs, flowers and fruits with their practical expertise to produce natural cures.

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