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Sundance 2020 in Review

This year was another great year for the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Cultured Focus was covering this year’s festival in Park City and I was there to bring the best of the film festival to you.

On arrival in Salt Lake City, I took a volunteer shuttle to Park City. I met some great volunteers there who helped with the festival running smoothly. This is the day I also picked up my media mass from the Press Office. Since the Sundance activities had not started yet, I took a beautiful train ride in the midst of the Utah mountains and fell in love with the mountains and lakes. I stayed at the clean and super comfortable Holiday Inn in Heber City. I love the hotel!

Early in the day, Jan 23rd 2020, I interviewed Emily Wilson, director of the short film Danny’s Girl, along with the main actor - Danny. It was an incredible experience meeting them and finding out more about her work as an emerging female director and his work as an emerging actor. Later, I attended the press line for Netflix’s Crip Camp where I took photos of the subjects in the film; executive produced by the Obama family, and interviewed the directors of the film - Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht. The screening was held at the Eccles Theater.

Afterwards, I waited outside in the press line for three hours to take a photo of Taylor Swift and her fans. I also filmed a few fans who were excited to see their favorite music star in person. Seeing Taylor in person and fighting for the picture that I took of her waving, while freezing, was the highlight of my Sundance experience. I have never seen so many people fighting over to see a star - from fans to reporters. Some reporters who were on the list to take pictures of her could not even get in. It was both an insane and unforgettable experience.

During the festival, I also interviewed the director of Netflix’s Cuties - Maïmouna Doucoure. We did the interview at Netflix’s lounge in Park City where I enjoyed a healthy green juice and had a chance to meet the director, her translator from France, and find out more about what it is like to be a female director of color in France.

I rushed to the press line for the documentary film ‘The Fight’. I had an EXCLUSIVE with the film’s producer, Kerry Washington, as she only answered Cultured Focus magazine's questions from the red carpet. She was a remarkable woman to meet. I also interviewed the film’s directors - Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman and Eli Despres. I also took a photo of the cast. I had the privilege to see the film, which tells the story of living in Trump’s America through the victims and the lawyer’s eyes. This took place at the Marc Theater in Park City.

At the same theater I did an interview with the director for the film The Dissident - Bryan Fogel. I also filmed him talking about the film to the audience at the beginning, and guest filmed the secret guest Hilary Clinton in attendance, in support of the film.

After that, I headed to Disney’s lounge on the Main Street of Park City where I experienced a virtual reality short film called The Myth, A Frozen Tale. It was a one-of-a kind experience where I was in the midst of the Frozen 2 tale and had giants and snowflakes all over me. Incredible! I also interviewed the creators of the film.

I also attended a roundtable interview where I interviewed the cast of The Night House - Rebecca Hall, Stacy Martin and Evan Jonigkeit, along with the film’s director David Bruckner. Meeting the cast was fun and their answers were truly inspiring.

Picture: The Night House Cast with Award Winning Journalist Nikoleta Morales in the center

After that, I headed to the airport down the Main Street of Park City observing the fun, commotion, busy streets, stores and people in the midst of beauty and snow. A sight that is not easy to forget.

I saw some incredible films at Sundance from the Fight to The Perfect Candidate, Luxor and the short film Danny’s Girl.

Even though the Festival came to an end for me and Cultured Focus Magazine this will remain a one of a kind experience and the memories of which will last forever. I look forward to next year’s coverage of Sundance Film Festival.

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