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Designer Diana Dieppa Presents Latest Fashion Collection at Mozart Hotel Rome

By: Ekaterina Shevliakova | Diana Dieppa Couture

Celebrity fashion designer Diana Dieppa presented her “Sinfonie d'Autunno" event at the Mozart Hotel

The “Sinfonie d'Autunno" (Autumn Symphonies) event held at the Mozart hotel November 18th 2022 in the heart of Rome based on the idea from Dr. Francesco A. Senatore. Senatore aimed to create a ‘living room’ or artistic space for art and fashion lovers to showcase new trends in the historic city center.

The series was comprised of several socio-cultural evenings geared toward and international audience open to changing the world with an eye towards ethical fashion and beauty aesthetics.

Diana Dieppa’s is a brand that takes it’s name from the stylist and creator herself. Diana is originally from Colombia, but Rome is the city where she lives and where one of her showrooms are located.

Dieppa‘s creations have been showcased on the red carpets of Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and Rome Film Festival by some of the hottest celebrities around the world. Diana told Cultured Focus that she has dressed such stars as Sophia Vergara and Shakira.

During the pre-Christmas fashion show, models were wearing her some of her latest creations. Red was the main color of the fashion show as we approach Christmas which is just around the corner.

View the exclusive interview with her below.

Her dresses are perfect for the red carpet for their glamour and they are also perfect for curvy ladies. All dresses are made exclusively in Italy.

One of the models seen wearing Diana Dieppa Couture was Italian actress Elisabetta Scarano who is a brand ambassador for the brand. See Scarano below discussing why she loves working with the brand.

Dieppa told Cultured Focus that she actually prefers to dress actresses as they tend to be in the spotlight more and attract attention of the media worldwide. It was a pleasure to finally interview her at the Mozart Hotel.

To learn more on the brand and shop visit:

About Diana Dieppa Official

Designer Diana Dieppa

With 20+ years in television, including host for broadcast shows on Adnkronos and RAI Italia, Dieppa now leverages the camera and modern communication channels to express her style, spirit and culture via her brand Diana Dieppa Couture. During her network days, Dieppa released several successful lines including swimwear brand Spiaggia, the La BagRoma brand (worn by Carolina di Monaco), and Love Polo Clothing, a sport glam collection sold in the most exclusive polo clubs in the world.

Dieppa Received 2017 Design Fashion Award

She was the recipient of two important awards including the 2017 “Design Fashion Award” and Pandaestum’s 2019 “Glamour Design” award. She also had the honor of showcasing her “Divina Eleganza” collection at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. Subsequently, in February 2021, she won the “Elegance in Fashion of the Silk Road” award in Guangzou, China.

A poet once wrote a thousand roads lead to Rome and the signature Diana Dieppa brand leads us there.

Follow the brand on social media @dianadieppaofficial


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