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Eido Swimwear: An Intimate Conversation with Creative Director Tayo Ishola

Scene Reporter: Nikoleta Morales

The Creative Director for Eido Swimwear is Tayo Ishola, a Nigerian born fashion model that always had an intense passion for all things creative. She was introduced to the world of bikinis and swimsuits when she started competing in beauty pageants at the age of 15. Tayo developed a deeper interest for the swimwear industry when she moved to Miami in 2010 and began modeling swimsuit fashion.

‘Eido’, a Greek word meaning ‘to know’ or ‘to be aware’, Eido swimwear is constructed for the woman who is undoubtedly aware of who she is, and is totally comfortable in her skin. The ideal Eido woman does not yearn for validation; she is an energetic woman who desires to swim in style and stand out. The collection features a variety of options from bikinis to one piece suits and resort wear available in both simple, structured pieces and complex patterns. Each chic swimsuit features prints conceived and created by Tayo, and is designed to tell its own story in a unique way while flattering the woman’s body.

We sat down with the talented designer Tayo Ishola to hear more about what drives her passion for swimwear, and what is unique about her brand that captivates women. View our exclusive interview below.

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Instagram: eidoswimwear


Wonder Woman Initiative

Championed by @eidoswimwear to make female voices apparent, this initiative is a passion for Ishola that benefits women in situations of adversity, for example, experiencing family violence, and going through the grief of a son or family member and girls with limited resources. If you wish to help or donate to the cause, visit their website.

Special thanks to Kimpton Anglers Hotel South Beach for their wonderful hospitality while filming on location. Kimpton Angler's Hotel in South Beach offers welcoming hospitality, upscale service and amenities illustrating the unique signature of this boutique hotel. For more information, visit

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