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“Falling for Christmas” - Lindsay Lohan’s First Comeback Film

By: Nikoleta Morales|Falling for Christmas| Image: Netflix

If you haven’t seen Lindsay Lohan’s first big comeback film on Netflix, “Falling for Christmas,” now is the time. The film centers on a newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress who gets into a skiing accident, suffers from total amnesia and finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas. The star-studded cast includes Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner, Olivia Perez, Alejandra Flores, Chase Ramsey, Sean Dillingham, and Antonio D. Charity.

Cultured Focus Magazine spoke with wife and husband power duo Janeen and Michael Damian who are behind the film, including 16 other feature films, such as “Christmas Waltz,” “High Strung,” “High Strung Free Dance,” “A Princess For Christmas,” “A Royal Christmas” and “A Crown For Christmas.” “Falling for Christmas” quickly took the number one trending spot worldwide on Netflix, and within six days on the platform it had received nearly 50 million hours of viewing.

“It’s a big moment in the entertainment industry - it is Lindsay’s first film,” said Janeen in regard to Lindsey Lohan’s big comeback.

Michael told Cultured Focus Magazine that Netflix came to them with the project and Lindsay was already attached to it. “They had a wonderful script. We did some polishing on the script, adapted it and customized it for Lindsay and added the locations. It was a collaborative effort between the two of us, Netflix and Lindsay.”

The film was shot in December in Deer Valley and Park City, Utah. It is a romantic comedy that brings joy and warmth to the small screen.

“Lindsay put a lot of thought into what she wanted her first film to be. She came prepared and was professional,” said Janeen.

When asked what the secret of a good Christmas movie is they said:

“The difference is the physical comedy that Lindsay brings. We like to inject that into the film. The secret to a Christmas movie is to leave people feeling better than they were before they sat down to watch it. If it inspires you to live a happier life that is our goal,” said Janeen.

“It's all about the heart and emotion. A great film is how it emotionally affects you,” said Michael.

In regard to Lindsay’s big comeback, Janeen said: “Lindsay is very prepared. She likes to prepare the night before. There are no surprises. We like to plan out what we are shooting. We like to know if there will be changes. Comedy is all about timing. When it comes to emotion she is really connected emotionally to her character. She was great with trusting me. She is a lovely actress and incredibly talented.”

Both Michael and Janeen had a special Christmas wish for the Cultured Focus Magazine readers:

“We hope and pray everyone has a safe holiday with family and friends. Come and take a break from your busy lives. Choose time to be grateful for everything and savor each holiday moment because they are special,” said Michael.

“It is a great time to reach out to the ones you love, to put away differences, to go out and serve the community, to take time to volunteer and be there for a loved one, just be grateful for everything and take a moment to look at the positives in life. It is a beautiful time. It is a spiritual and magical time. It's time that we can be kids again. Cuddle up with family and watch Christmas movies. That's what we do!” said Janeen.

In the meantime, Michael and Janeen are planning to have a warm and cozy family Christmas in Utah and continue working on their next movie project, “Irish Wish.” The film is also starring Lindsay Lohan and is set to be released in 2023.

““Irish Wish” is not a Christmas movie. It is very funny, and it was shot in Ireland. It is quite the adventure and has potential magic. The fans will really enjoy it,” Michael said.

Official "Falling for Christmas" Movie Trailer

About DirectorJaneen Damian

Janeen Damian is an American writer, director and producer of film and television.

Together with her husband, Michael Damian she has made 15 feature films and TV

movies. This year she co-wrote and produced the number one add supported cable movie of the year for 2020, “Christmas Waltz.” She also co-wrote and produced the award-winning feature films “High Strung” and “High Strung Free Dance” which were released theatrically world-wide and distributed by Sony and Disney. She also

co-wrote and produced “A Princess For Christmas” starring Sam Heughan and Sir

Roger Moore and distributed by Lionsgate and received Hallmark’s highest ratings for

the year launching their original Christmas Princess franchise. The Damians went on to co-write “A Royal Christmas” and “A Crown for Christmas.” All three films air annually on Hallmark’s power rotation with continued high ratings.

About Actor, Producer and Director Michael Damian

Michael Damian is an award-winning actor, singer, director, writer and producer. He first

gained recognition for his 18-year run in the role of rock star Danny Romalotti on the number one rated daytime television drama, “The Young And The Restless.” On the stage front, Damian starred as “Joseph” in the Broadway production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical, “Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor

Dreamcoat,” which broke box office records in both Los Angeles and on Broadway

and earned Damian a Grammy nomination. In addition to his Broadway career, Damian

has released five albums and has had eight Top 40 hits including the smash single, “Rock On” which shot up the Billboard music charts landing at #1 and garnering Damian two gold records. Damian won the BMI Song-writing Award for his hit single, “Was It

Nothing at All” and has also written and produced songs for the soundtracks of “A

Princess For Christmas,” “Flicka 2, Flicka: Country Pride, Marley

& Me: The Puppy Years And The Sweeter Side Of Life.”

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