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Francesca Van Horne – A Portrait of a Dynamic Storyteller

Lisa Reynolds | Francesca Van Horne - Cultured Focus Awards| Getty Images

Francesca Van Horne is a creative chameleon. She’s sunk her teeth into the role of writer, director, and actor on both stage and screen. Van Horne was recently invited to moderate the industry leader panel at the Venice Film Festival - Cultured Focus Awards & Diversity in Film Symposium. The event showcased her incredible capacity as both a journalist and actor as she added depth and insight to the event.

Her successful moderation of the symposium is likely a product of the diversity and richness of her creative career. Van Horne’s writing and performances bring an authenticity to storytelling that can only arise from the trenches of personal experience. Her own journey through an abusive relationship that ended in divorce, set her on a path of personal growth and healing. Her dynamic performance in the one-woman show, ‘Tales from the Trundle’ saw her transform into 13 diverse characters – her ability to guide audiences through a raw and emotional journey to self-love and freedom is quite remarkable. It’s no surprise ‘Tales from the Trundle’ has seen worldwide success following its first series at the prestigious 7th Annual Festival of ‘The United Solo’ in New York.

Tales from the Trundle by Francesca Van Horne

In light of this success, Van Horne went on to develop and perform in a sequel entitled ‘Stumble’ – a clever play on words inspired by her experiences with online dating apps such as Bumble. The 45-minute comedy piece sees Van Horne once again morph herself into a disparate assortment of relatable and believable characters. An overarching theme behind her work is a commitment to sharing relatable truths – exploring life’s highs and lows and mistakes and triumphs.

Beyond her impressive work on the stage, Francesca has also taken on roles as both producer and actor for numerous successful productions including the indie film ‘El Gallo’, ‘Dancing Through It’ theatre production and the 'Dream Sequence' short film. One of her more recent projects includes her first feature screenplay, 'Two Sisters' - named as a finalist at the Manhattan Film Festival 2022. It’s exciting to consider how her involvement with future projects will contribute to the creative industry at large – keep your eyes peeled!

Without question, Van Horne is a creator at her core. Through her writing and acting, she invites audiences to navigate the full spectrum of their humanity and life experiences. She is at her greatest sharing authentic stories that translate. It’s safe to say, if Francesca Van Horne is telling a story, it will be well worth a listen.

For more visit: and @francescavh on Instagram.


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