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Haute Couture Brand Maison Celestino Presented "Hopper" Style for Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

Reported by: Ekaterina Shevliakova | Maison Celestino Spring-Summer 2023 Collection | Images: Maison Celestino

The Made in Italy brand synonymous with haute couture and exclusive fabrics, still made today by expert weavers, has unveiled its Spring-Summer 2023 collection in front of an exceptional audience in a magical setting embellished with vivid citrus groves and centuries-old eucalyptus trees around a luxurious aristocratic village of the seventeenth century.

A large audience of over 200 people applauded the sophisticated creations of Maison Celestino inspired by the magical realism of Edward Hopper. The event was held at the sumptuous Mascaro estate with the blessing of Baroness Angela Toscano Mandatoriccio, of the Calabrian nobility. The venue played host to a great show of glamour and beauty broadcast via live stream from the heart of the plain of Sibari.

At the most spectacular Golden hour moment, a few kilometers from Corigliano Rossano, guests of honor were treated to the sumptuous colors and the evocative golden reflections of the outfits designed by the talented Federica Marino for Maison Celestino. The designs re-affirmed the true high quality and craftsmanship that have become associated with the fashion house. Guests of honor included the famous Italian actor Pino Quartullo and the legend of Italian cinema Ornella Muti.

During the show, animated by a series of memorable tableaux vivants created for the Made in Italy brand by the skilled artistic director Giovanni Scura, the brand announced to an audience full of celebrities and VIPs from the political world, its choice to return to the Parisian catwalks in December 2022. The announcement is indeed a prestigious goal for a brand that is the pride of the region, and in which since the early twentieth century and five generations, has created wealth, value, employment and prestige to all of Italy.

Thus, through the sparkling fabrics of fil coupé foliages and thin floating threads of pure gold that decorated the 31 outfits of the collection inspired by the Roaring Twenties and the sensual atmospheres of the jazz era, Maison Celestino confirmed its great lesson in art and artisan culture developed by the legendary duo Caterina Celestino and Francesco Mercogliano.

The styles on display were characterized by voluptuous mono-shoulder tunics in finely carved linen fringes and ivory outfits decorated in refined jacquard silks. Additionally, the pure linen garments with raw accents and sensual pink dresses with iridescent embellishment were evidence of the skilled weaver’s and ancient art dating back to magna Greece.

The fashion show was enhanced by the sculptured hairstyles (with floral embellishments) by the renowned and skilled coiffeur Giuseppe Scaramuzzo. The fashion event was followed by a refined and exquisite dinner for guests of the show curated by celebrity chefs, a worthy conclusion to a memorable evening.

Guests were fascinated by the presence of the gorgeous and legendary actress Ornella Muti. In an interview with Cultured Focus Magazine, she confirmed that Maison Celestino is indeed one of her most favorite brands. She acknowledged the fact that fashion must be eternal and not something that one buys and then throws away. What she likes about the creations of the Maison Celestino brand is that they actually last forever.

Maison Celestino has also created costumes for the forthcoming play starring Ornella Muti and Pino Quartullo “My wife Penelope”. Fashion and dramatic art are two things that always combine in a unique way and the result is magical.

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