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Indonesian Designs at New York Fashion Week 2022
Indonesia at New York Fashion Week 2022

Indonesia Now SS23 Collections: Vivi Zubedi, Coreta Louise, Heaven Lights, Kimberly Tandra, Alleira x Amero Jewelry, Priyo Octaviano - Front Row & Backstage

Photographer: Manny Carabel

New York, NY (September 11th, 2022) - Six groundbreaking designers took to the runway at Spring Studios to show New York why Indonesia is on the forefront of innovation, trend, and textile. Vivi Zubedi, Coreta Louise, Kimberly Tandra for Suedeson, Heaven Lights, lleira Carys Care X Amero Jewellery, and SPOUS by Priyo Oktaviano each poured their heart, souls, and heritage into the collections that walked the runway.

AOFMPro makeup lead Monique Rinard and Unite Hair’s Gary Baker complimented the designs with their simple and fresh take on Spring/Summer beauty using Indonesia’s own, Polka Cosmetics.

Notable attendees included Miss Universe Indonesia, Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana of Bravo’s Family Karma.


Established in 2011, VIVIZUBEDI launched as a Muslim women’s clothing specializing in Abaya. This NYFW, Zubedi turned up the volume with her Spring / Summer 2023 collection of stunning prints, structured hats, and pops of color palette. Models strutted down the runway in the designer’s modest wear with a modern edge. VIVIZUBEDI’s updated Abaya designs are elegant, stylish, and versatile. With ensembles ready for vacation, Zubedi even designed coordinating accessories for her looks. Beautiful belts and bags came down the runway along with the quality wrap jackets and pantsuit looks.

Coreta Louise

Coreta Louise, is an Indonesian fashion brand that consistently brings Indonesian Batik to the international scene. The Coreta Louise brand first participated in New York Fashion Week in September 2018 by displaying an exclusive collection using premium materials with a signature specialty batik design. This brand is an expansion of the line that previously only produced batik bags, better known as Clo Bags. Creative Director, Mrs. Coreta Louise has been in the fashion industry for more than 10 years. Louise’s Spring / Summer 2023 collection, Sea Reflection, brings fashion from the sea to the city. Inspired by the beauty of the underwater world in Bunaken, North Sulawesi, the Specifically for Batik Coreta Louise with dobby cotton and ATBM Silk materials came to life in oceanic colors like rich navy blue and coral. The brand hopes to bring Indonesian batik to the world. The beautiful traditional fabrics can be mixed with an international sense of style to create a modern match. Their designs have already been worn by Miss Global 2019 Karolina Kokesova, Paris Hilton and Miss Universe 2014

Suedeson By Kimberly Tandra

Through Suedeson, designer Kimberly Tandra wants to highlight the beauty of Indonesian women to the world. Tandra fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer at 17 and graduating from Esmod Paris. Suedeson is an amalgamation of Kimberly Tandra’s parents. Suedeson signature prints, Suedeson Flowers are inspired by Tandra’s flowers in her garden, Kembang Sepatu and Anggrek Bulan, Indonesia’s national flower. Suedeson’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Lineage highlights the traditional Javanese technique Batik Cap with Indonesian Native Flowers, Anggrek Bulan and Tanimbar embellishments. In a world where the clothes we wear reflect who we are and where we come from, Kimberly seeks to create collections that speak to her heritage, her home. Suedeson’s signature style and feminine cuts embrace timeless elements that are very much in touch with today’s "modern" beauty.

“Tidak ada hal yang tidak bisa dicapai bila kita berusaha, dan sekecil apapun perkembangan dan kemajuan yang kita capai, perkembangan tetap perkembangan.”

Or translated to English:

“There’s nothing impossible or unreachable if you put your efforts into it, and no matter how little your progress may seem, small progress is still a process towards your dreams.” says Tandra.

Heaven Lights

Heaven Lights is an Indonesian brand founded in 2013 by sisters, Jihan & Nazmah Malik. Their collections range from hijab/head scarfs to tops, tunics, dresses, and trousers. As a brand from a tropical country, the focus is not only the beauty and simplicity of its design but also on comfort against heat and humidity. Heaven Lights only offers products that are made with special fabric and cutting techniques. The Spring / Summer 2023 collection combined prints in an unexpected way. Violet hues were mismatched with teal and black for striking full modest looks. Heaven Lights took layering to another level by piecing together oversized jackets with wrap dresses and pleated skirts.

Alleira X Carys Care X Amero Jewellery

This New York Fashion Week, Alleira Batik collaborated with Carys Mihardja, on their joint collection “Paradise”. “Paradise” seeks to bring critical exposure to the underexplored beauty of Indonesia’s Batik culture while simultaneously shining the spotlight on marginalized communities. Hand-painted by children with special needs and crafted meticulously through the high-grade precision of Alleira's traditional batik process, the collection proudly features ornamental Balinese-styled motifs inspired by Balinese architecture and Indonesia’s spellbinding nature. Beyond the striking artistic value of the textile pieces to the human eye, Alleira Batik’s collaboration with Carys Cares hopes to also add value to the human heart. The brand believes that fashion is a dynamic storyteller, a canvas of self-expression, and a catalyst for empowerment. One collection at a time, Alleira Batik is committed to memorializing fashion as an instrument to celebrate the multifaceted hues of diversity – diversity of culture, diversity of people, and diversity of lives. Humans are akin to the idiosyncratic motifs of their Batik. We may be different, but we are all beautiful in our own special way. Alleira Batik is worn by prominent public figures among a few are Bill Gates, Crown Prince of Norway, Prince Astrid of Belgium and Miss Universe.

Models wore the latest Lavani - Borobudur Series by Amero Jewellery to compliment their runway looks.

Amero Jewellery aims to bring handcrafted jewelry by Indonesian artisans to the world. The creation of Lavani is based on Indonesia's cultural heritage. For the first collection, Amero presents the Lavani Borobudur Series to pay homage to the place where Amero was born. Borobudur is not just an architectural masterpiece, but it is also the way of life. If we look deeper into the reliefs in Borobudur Temple, they convey messages about the way of life, love, and wisdom. Lavani is not just beautiful jewelry. It represents the inner beauty of women. It represents women who respect cultural heritage. Lavani carries the spirit of Indonesian heritage fused with modern touch.

“Everyone, especially women, wear jewelry not only to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but also to adopt the philosophy in it. When a woman looks beautiful, elegant and charming, she embodies the concepts of love, wisdom and character. Thus, the jewelry breathes life and integrates with the wearer. This philosophy is the main inspiration for our latest collection, Lavani,” - Steven Ronaldo

SPOUS by Priyo Oktaviano

SPOUS by PRIYO OKTAVIANO’s collection, Childhood Reminiscence, mixed traditional Indonesian IKAT fabrics with bold, neon gender-friendly street style. The young and fun designs were inspired by Gen Z’s fearless, fresh take on fashion and housed just the right balance of art and commerce. After starting a career at The House of BALENCIAGA -PARIS after graduating from fashion school, Oktaviano decided to establish a brand back in Indonesia in 2013. Clothing can be wearable and creative while honoring the designer's home country and their textiles.

About Indonesia Now

Indonesia Now, created by Eski Fatima, is focused on placing top Indonesian design talent on the global stage highlighting the beauty and richness of Indonesia through the country's top design talent. Indonesia Now's careful curation of designers has led to major press coverage from everyone from Popsugar to Vogue Arabia.

For more information follow on Instagram @indonesianow_theshows.

About Polka Cosmetics

Polka story dives into a vivacious world of pop culture where youngsters are trying to escape their daily boredom, captured their innocent optimism of their time.

Our spirit is to make everyday beauty can be expressed through the uniqueness in every single person, to be brave, to be optimism, and most important is to be themselves.

We are a team of Indonesian young people with mind full of creativity presenting POLKA brand on proudly vision to be in global market. Our concept product is to deliver high quality and halal certified to fullfill international standards. We hope we can share our spirit of our optimism in this colorful world of challenges. @polkacosmetics


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