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Leonardo Da Vinci Museo with The Vatican's Giuseppe Tedeschi

Home to some of the world's most iconic paintings, the Vatican Museum attracts huge crowds. Come experience the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci in the heart of Rome in Campo de Fiori at Mostra Di Leonardo Da Vinci, Palazzo Della Cancelleria 1.

Professor Giuseppe Tedeschi, painter to the Vatican, guided Cultured Focus Magazine on a tour of the facility and the exquisite

works for the genius Leonardo da Vinci. The discussion was most fitting in honor of World Tourism Day taking place 27th September 2020, which highlights the unique role that tourism plays in providing opportunities in preserving cultural and natural heritage all around the world.

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum offers each visitor a unique experience where sensory perception and knowledge of “Leonardo” are combined, giving the visitor the sensation of plunging into a past of extraordinary relevance.

A point of reference both for visitors and as a didactic subject, the Leonardo da Vinci museum in Rome contains the real machines drawn from the Leonardo da Vinci codes.

An impressive and singular work, carried out with meticulousness in order to create real machines, all functioning, large, and built with special procedures. The machines are made entirely of wood and this required commitment of both sophisticated technologies and particular human skill. The Museum is therefore a well-studied exhibition with attention to the smallest details where the interactivity of the machines plays a fundamental key role. Come and visit!

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Special thanks to the museum Director Augusto Biagi for his support and assistance seen below during his official duties with guests.

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