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Miami Modest Fashion Week: Founder Norsham Mohamad-Garcia Leads Industry Panel Discussion

Expert Panel Discussion with Norsham Mohamad-Garcia and Industry Leaders
Miami Modest Fashion Week

Written by: Taylor Lynn

Scene Reporter: Nikoleta Morales

For various unprecedented reasons, this year’s Miami Modest Fashion Week took a halt. But that didn’t mean that the spirit and love for modest fashion was in any way taken aback - in fact, the spirit of modest fashion was still celebrated among creatives and talents alike. In this episode of Cultured Focus , Nikoleta Morales sits down with Norsham Mohamed-Garcia, the founder of Miami Modest Fashion Week, Niddarah Winters, Celia Lidon, Ashlee Arzyczycki, and Hamdy Albana to talk about the current state of modest fashion industry, the inner business workings of the industry, and why modest fashion is here to stay. But they also share the valuable lessons and insight they have gained from working in such an up-and-coming industry.

For one thing, modest fashion is redefining sustainability. Growing up in Malaysia, Norsham Mohamed-Garcia had a very humble upbringing. Her father would ride his bicycle everyday to work to provide for his family. From an early age, she knew very well of the importance of appreciating one’s culture, one’s heritage, one’s heritage. When she moved to the United States, she quickly noticed how people began to disassociate from their own cultural diversity. With a background in banking and a passion for fashion, Norsham made it her mission to re-contextualize the meaning of modest fashion. Her intention with Miami Modest Fashion Week is to reconnect up-and-coming designers and artists from around the world who are in touch with their sense of cultural identity. The modest fashion identity seeks to highlight, celebrate, and value where clothes come from and what they stand for - and culture as a voice needs to be celebrated, cherished, and represented. Similarly, Ashlee Arzyczycki, professor of Fashion and Merchandising at St. Thomas University works to educate and engage young consumers, designers, and artists on the value of cultural sustainability as a way of not only being a part of the modest fashion industry, but as a way to mold and improve the current fashion industry.

For the longest time, the fashion industry has been trying to raise awareness on the importance of ethical and sustainable sources. For Celia Ledon who works as an industrial set and costume designer for films, the beauty of modest fashion lies in coming to terms with the versatility of different materials. Among many of the things modest fashion emphasizes, is an earnest and specialized relationship with consumers, whereby transparency and honesty are at the forefront of the brand’s image. For Hamdy Albana who works as a Marketing Executive of Push Analytics, consumers are driven by a brand and company that is honest and knows very well where they source their materials goods.

But at the end of the day - modest fashion is more than just a way of dressing, more than an artistic statement, more than a cause for a better future - it’s a lifestyle that promotes diversity, inclusion, and a beautiful sense of individualism. Naddirah Winters, founder of Hijabified, believes that fashion brings everybody together, no matter the culture, where you come from, or what you believe in. Fashion is more than just a form of expression, it’s a way of living, and modest fashion is a way of living ethically, consciously, and happily.

One can argue that Miami Modest Fashion Week has made an impact well beyond its original intent. In a day and age when diversity and cultural differences are not celebrated by all, the platform has given a voice to millions around the world as a safe space where they can be seen, heard and celebrated. We agree - Culture as a voice needs to be celebrated, cherished, and represented.

Cultured Focus met with Founder Norsham Mohamad –Garcia and special guests to discuss Miami Modest Fashion Week, trends and the future of modest fashion. See interview highlights below. Full interview coming soon on Cultured Focus Network.

Nikoleta Morales Interviews Miami Modest Fashion Week Founder and Industry Leaders

Special thanks to the panelist: Designer Niddarah Winters (@hijabified_na), Costume Designer Celia Ledon (@celialedon), Professor Ashlee Arzyczycki, St Thomas University, Fashion and Merchandising (@Arzyczycki),and Hamdy Albana, co-owner Push Analytics (@hamdyalbana)

Journalist Nikoleta Morales (center) with Miami Modest Fashion Week Panel

ABOUT | Miami Modest Fashion Week The globally anticipated event celebrates creativity, innovation, and diversity. MMFW is working collaboratively aligned with a few GLOBAL FOUNDERS of MODEST FASHION; (Modest Fashion Week Indonesia, Russia, and Australia) and other respected brands including Nissan, Miami International Airport, Global Entrepreneur Network- Malaysia, and more. The Mission of Miami Modest Fashion Week is to continue to expand its reach by introducing its annual program around the world, bringing innovation in Modest Fashion and lifestyle, intriguing conversations, and visual arts to a global audience. Specialties: STRATEGIC Business Development & Consultant, Art, Fashion, Culture & Sports Entertainment & Intellectual Properties (IPs) Strategic Alliances /Partnership, Strategic Marketing & Branding, Facilitator, Government Relation, International Event Management, International Celebrities & Athletes, and Market Expansion For more information visit:

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