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Modest Fashion France 2022 – A Powerful Medium for Self-Expression

Modest Fashion France 2022 Summer in Paris
Modest Fashion France 2022: Summer | Credit Modest Fashion France

The growing modest fashion movement has enjoyed another inspiring event in 2022. The Modest Fashion France 2022 Fashion Show was held across May 7th and 8th and saw the lifestyle brand, Modest Fashion France, partner with Ecole Internationale de Mode et Luxe (EIDM). Together they coordinated a summer fashion show advocating for modest fashion, an exciting edge in the industry that promotes inclusivity and diversity.

Launching back in 2017, Modest Fashion France celebrates fashion as an art form and empowers people to ‘express themselves as they wish.’ The 2022 event involved runway shows showcasing incredible designers and brands, a networking party to initiate conversations, and presentations for fashion enthusiasts to learn more about what’s on offer in the modest fashion space.

Modest Fashion France founder, Sabrina Parnanzone, believes that modest fashion is an exciting part of the wider fashion ecosystem, offering women worldwide the opportunity to express their personal style and remain committed to their philosophical, cultural, or religious choices.

As a proud media partner for Modest Fashion France 2022, Cultured Focus Magazine is highlighting 10 incredible modest fashion brands to celebrate the success of this year’s event.

Launching in 2018, J’amemme is a wearable couture brand that plays with vibrant colour and unique textures – their designs are hard to miss. Known for their signature pleats, their pieces feature architectural silhouettes that reflect a contemporary approach to femininity.

Salima Aliani developed the brand in celebration of femininity and her rich family experiences. Their collections ooze effortless chic, often synonymous with French fashion.

Salima Aliani Paris also proudly manufactures in France, with a steadfast commitment to quality over quantity in great contrast to fast fashion. Her designs on display were absolutely exiquisite.

Heaven Lights is an Indonesian company founded by sisters, Jihan, and Ema in 2013. Jihan and Ema bring their experience and understanding of life in Indonesian to their designs. Centred around creating fashion pieces that empower women, this modest fashion brand aims to offer functional style designed for tropical climates.

Nuage-blanc create designs for women that recognize and appreciate beautiful bridal pieces - think silk fabrics, lace details and delicate designs. The brand is distinguished by design concepts that bring together modesty, quality, and fashion trends to offer something unique for brides to be.

Brands Oya Swimwear and Shemsi Swimwear are both innovating in the swimwear space for women. Traditionally, women looking for modest swimwear had very few options or needed to compromise on finding pieces with a feminine design. Oya and Shemsi are both designed by women, for women and their contributions in this fashion niche open the door to variety and choice when it comes to modest swimwear.

IsraaMode brings the elegance of the Emirati abaya to Europe. Their pieces, made with silk fabrics and adorned with embroidery and luxury beads, offer women a chic take on the traditional abaya. Their pieces make for beautiful additions to any modest fashion wardrobe.

Celebrating Muslim culture, Nakaya is a brand that strikes a balance between traditional culture and emerging fashion trends. Offering women everything from luxury abayas to oversized jogging attire, Nakaya Dubai has it all.

Koolchee sees each of their pieces as a work of art. Inspired by sharing Moroccan culture with the world, Koolchee has evolved into an eco-responsible fashion brand that empowers women to create minimalist wardrobes that allow them to express their authentic selves.

Panneau Blanc is a brand committed to celebrating art through fashion. The brand explores new artistic techniques and works with artists to create truly unique silk scarf designs. Their unisex silk scarves are unmistakable with vibrant colors and are luxuriously soft to the touch.

10. Nisha Beauty (Luxury Natural Cosmetics)

As a luxury natural cosmetics brand, Nisha Beauty develops and manufactures in France. Their suite of products is inspired by the beauty traditions of India, with rich oils and Ayurvedic powders part of their formulations. Nisha Beauty practices environmentally friendly agriculture and creates products with simplicity, quality, and ethics in mind.

Modest Fashion France 2022 saw international brands come together in celebration of the modest fashion movement. It’s exciting to see so many innovative and inclusive brands in the modest fashion space offering women the opportunity to explore their self-expression.

See more of the fashion, accessories, and beauty products showcased at Modest Fashion France online at

Follow them on social media at: @modestfashionfrance.

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