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Modest Fashion France Launches Summer Session With Pop Up Store and Talks

Modest Fashion France Launches Fashion Popup
Modest Fashion France May 7th-8th 2022

The French and worldwide multi-brand is organizing a modest fashion trend event from May 7th to 8th, 2022.

The goal of MFF X KYV PARIS’s two-day event is to offer a 100 percent fashion and beauty display for fans of modest fashion lifestyle.

According to Sabrina Parnanzone, the Founder of Modest Fashion France, “modest fashion” is a trend followed by a huge number of women who wear more covered than what the mainstream market normally provides, but who have not given up on taking care of and expressing their style. This encompasses all women, regardless of their underlying reason, which implies whether their dress choices are motivated by philosophical, cultural, or religious considerations or not.

In the Marais neighborhood, a venue with a raw and unconventional appearance will welcome the trend’s enthusiasts, pros, and interested onlookers!

MFF will provide networking speed dating under the subject “modest fashion lovers,” which will allow for wonderful connections based on a mutual interest after these long difficult days.

The event is divided into two parts: the days, which include the multibrand ephemeral boutique and fast networking (10am / 6pm), and the nights, which include seminars, fashion displays, and so on (8pm/10pm).

Modest Fashion France Summer Session
Modest Fashion Lovers Summer Session

What objectives of Modest Fashion France?

Organizers indicate that it is important for them to highlight the diversity of women who adopt a modest choice of clothing, whatever the style (classy chic, street, masculine...) and whatever the deep motivations (covering one's body, not bending to feminine standards...). All these women also share an open state of mind and values of tolerance and humanity. It is also essential for tjhem to value the creativity of all the designers who are willing to develop new collections of modest fashion, with particular attention to the national and international brands that develop and choose to produce on a human scale.

For more information contact: Visit the website at: www.

What is the State of the Modest Fashion Industry?

According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2020/21 Report, Modest fashion is not just having a moment, as it has proven its staying power. The industry currently has a global value of US$277 billion, with the figure expected to rise to US$311 billion by 2024.

That growth can be attributed to the 1.8 billion Muslims living today, who will account for 31 percent of the world’s population by 2050. Two-thirds of consumers are below 30 years old, making them the youngest consumer segment. The numbers demonstrate a huge market that remaind largely untapped with major commercial opportunity.


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