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Reset Yourself With a Self-Care Trip to Rejuvenate the Spirit

Reset Yourself With a Self-Care Trip
Reported by: Virginia Cooper | Reset Yourself With a Self-Care Trip | Image: Pexels

If life has got you pulling your hair out with stress and struggles, then perhaps it's time to reset yourself by taking a self-care trip. There are many cities that provide opportunities for relaxation and refreshment, and you might find yourself returning to routine with greater energy and peace. Read on to learn how to take a self-care trip.

Make Preparations

If you're going to relax on your trip, you should make a few preparations that will help you leave work behind more easily. Work ahead for a few weeks before your trip to get extra tasks completed. Delegate everyday duties to employees while you're gone, or hire a virtual assistant. Just make sure your instructions are thorough. You might also mention to customers and clients that you'll be out for a while, but you'll connect with them when you return.

Choose a Destination

With work preparations made, you can turn your attention to choosing your destination. New York City might be the perfect place for a blend of excitement and relaxation. You could visit the Statue of Liberty, see a Broadway play, or take the fam to a Yankees game. You can purchase game tickets online for a discount, so look for a site that allows you to filter by date, price range, and seat rating. You might even be able to check out an interactive seating chart with 360-degree virtual views so that you can find the best seat.

Perhaps you're more interested in the beauty of the natural world. In that case, visit a city like Billings, Montana, where you can immerse yourself in nature and still enjoy the urban culture. Billings offers everything from hunting and fishing adventures to shopping fun to historic sites like the Moss Mansion, all in a beautiful, soul-filling natural setting.

If you're a beachgoer who can relax by basking in the sun, then Clearwater, Florida, may be your ideal vacation destination. You can spend an afternoon at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, get up close and personal with butterflies at the Moccasin Lake Nature Park, enjoy a Clearwater Threshers baseball game, or go to a concert at the Ruth Eckerd Hall. Golf, shopping, and an adventure tour can round out your trip.

Finally, maybe you're longing for a taste of the Old West. In that case, visit Phoenix, Arizona. You can check out the Goldfield Ghost Town or Frontier Town AZ, or spend time at the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum or the Superstition Mountain Museum. You'll find your stress slipping away as you immerse yourself in the past.

Consider a Second Home

Maybe you'll love one of your vacation destinations so much that you'll decide to purchase a second home in the city. Billings, for instance, may have enchanted you with its beautiful setting. Be aware that you'll likely have to make a down payment of 20% or more on a vacation home. You may have to consider a second mortgage or home equity loan, but you could own a little piece of beauty.

Return Refreshed

If you make preparations at work and choose the right destination, your vacation may be just the “reset” you need. So, get started right away. Visit the Cultured Focus Magazine website for more travel ideas.


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