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Ride Back to Freedom Premiere's During 78th Venice Film Festival

By Journalist: Ekaterina Shevliakova

What does freedom mean when the whole world is trapped by an unprecedented pandemic?

Starting on June 15th 2020, when the border between Austria and Italy opened up for the first time after the Corona-related lockdown, the Austrian director Hermann Weiskopf rides his scooter for almost 5,000 kilometers from the north to the south of Italy.

Against the breathtaking backdrop of the "Bel Paese”, we witness Italians of all ages and backgrounds giving varied accounts; some tragic, some comic, some philosophical, but most of all inspiring stories!

As well as an assortment of stories from the locals, the road trip includes phases of loneliness and doubt. The physical and mental exertion begin to take their toll on Hermann.

Nevertheless, continuing his mission, Hermann reaches the most southern point of Italy, the island of Lampedusa. As through a magnifying glass, this historical road trip highlights and offers a touching snapshot of the pandemic in Italy.

The film premiered at the 78th Venice Film Festival 04th September 2021. Journalist Ekaterina Shevliakova met up with Director Hermann Weiskopf to discuss his film.

Journalist Ekaterina Sheviakova and Director Hermann Weiskopf

Film Director: Hermann Weiskopf

Director of Photography: Bernhard Freinademetz


Hermann Weiskopf AVG Filmproduktion e.U. Terra Internationale Filmproduktionen GmbH and Roberto Bessi present


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