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Shifting Mindsets Towards Net Zero — Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) 2023

By: Rabiah Sheikh | Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week| Image: Pexels

About Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW)

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week is a global sustainability initiative championed by the UAE, convening world leaders and international sustainability advocates to develop practical solutions to the most inescapable challenge of our time — climate change.

Hosted by its clean energy powerhouse — Masdar, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week has, since 2008, hosted several global events that convene heads of state, international business leaders, policymakers, and technology pioneers from around the world, providing them with an inclusive forum to share knowledge, showcase innovation, and outline strategies to work together to accelerate sustainable development.

It’s necessary to mention that Masdar is one of the largest clean energy companies of its kind and is honored to lead the industry globally, fortifying the UAE's role as an energy leader.

ADSW Agenda

At ADSW, taking place 14-19 January 2023, key stakeholders engage in a persuasive and inclusive dialogue to convert ambition into action, helping to transform pledges into practical solutions, establishing partnerships, committing investment, and initiating technologies and solutions that promote sustainable development around the world.

Dr. Sultan Ahmad Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Chairman of Masdar, and Managing Director and Group CEO of ADNOC, says, "For over fifteen years, Abu Dhabi sustainability Week has reinforced the UAE's commitment to addressing global challenges as a responsible leader driving climate action and sustainable economic development. ADSW 2023 will help shape the sustainability agenda and drive momentum toward COP28 in the UAE by convening the global community and facilitating meaningful dialogue to foster consensus, ground-breaking partnerships, and innovative solutions".

ADSW policymakers and stakeholders take their role as global citizens seriously. They are committed to sustainability initiatives, ultimately hoping to become a fully sustainable venue. Besides hosting a two-day summit (the flagship event of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week), taking place on January 16 and 17, ADSW 2023 features a series of major events throughout the week that aim to engage all sections of society. The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week also plays a crucial role in maintaining momentum from COP27 to COP28 in the UAE.

Green Hydrogen Summit — A Net Zero Promise

ADSW 2023 features a Green Hydrogen Summit hosted by Masdar’s green hydrogen business for the first time, highlighting its capability to reduce carbon emissions in key industries while helping countries achieve their net-zero goals.

The first-of-its-kind Green Hydrogen Summit will exemplify Abu Dhabi's accomplishments and ambitions to become a global hub for green hydrogen innovation and investment while serving as a medium for leading hydrogen players worldwide to meet and exchange thoughts. This inaugural event will highlight the latest industry trends and advancements in green hydrogen production, conversion, transportation, storage, and use.

The Green Hydrogen Summit 2023, on January 18, will play a vital role in pushing Green Hydrogen up the agenda while fostering impactful dialog between global stakeholders, helping to create the hydrogen economy globally.

Take Away Note

ADSW takes a visionary approach at the most basic level, encouraging social inclusion by hosting a series of platforms and initiatives to engage and empower young people, females, and community members to play an active role in delivering a sustainable future.


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