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Women Empowerment in Business - Sisterhood 4 Influence & Impact with Cordelia Henry

Cordelia Henry | Founder of Pearlescence| ‘Sisterhood 4 Influence & Impact

Women are bringing renewed energy and value to the evolving landscape of business in a diverse range of sectors. This trend is only increasing with time. As women’s advancement in business becomes more prevalent, so too does their ability to empower other women to achieve success in their respective fields.

This type of empowerment has the capacity to propagate outward and inspire a generation of women and young girls into the future. One lady playing a key role in this exciting process is Cordelia Henry.

Cordelia Henry – A Force for Empowering Women

Cordelia Henry, the founder of Pearlescence, is a dedicated force empowering women to build authentic relationships and create radical change through entrepreneurship. Pearlescence aims to support women to overcome the feelings of isolation that can often hold female entrepreneurs back from achieving success.

Cordelia understands to her core that empowering purpose-driven female entrepreneurs creates a powerful ongoing impact on her and her wider community. Cordelia has so beautifully birthed the ‘sow sow reap’ concept – this brings to mind a nature-inspired metaphor for women supporting other women to elevate us all. This idea so thoughtfully connects with the organic and instinctive nature of women. Cordelia recognises this innate female power and the impact it can have on the world of business.

Further, Cordelia acknowledges that the success of one woman can lead to a flow-on effect whereby one’s success inspires those around them. Success will inspire others, and Pearlescene provides the stage for women to share their successes and empower other women to chase their aspirations.

Networking in Business - Stories and Shared Experiences

The power of authentic female relationships and a thriving business network cannot be underestimated. Cordelia’s ‘Sisterhood 4 Influence & Impact’ Facebook community is a collective hub for women in business.

The space invites members to share their experiences, ask questions and reach out for support within a safe and uplifting container. Cordelia asserts that connecting with like-minded women can feed us, both spiritually and intellectually. When a woman can receive and engage with accessible advice from her peers, she can develop the confidence and inspiration to create the life of her dreams.

Over time, effective networking leads to the creation of powerful collectives of women who are passionate about success in their business and those within their tribe. Success together is the ultimate motivator for empowering women and creating positive change in the world.

Female Disruptors – A Powerhouse of Women in Business

Cordelia is participating in two upcoming events, ‘Female Disruptors Virtual Summit 2022’ and ‘Reclaim, Reset, Realign’ alongside all-female line-ups of keynote speakers sharing their experiences and wisdom for the greater good of women in business.

With female-founded businesses in her sights, Cordelia is committed to women empowerment in business for the betterment of all. She is one to watch, for you and the incredible women in your life!

Join the conversations happening in the Sisterhood 4 Influence & Impact Facebook Group. You can also learn more from Cordelia on Instagram @sowsowreap, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter.


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