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Top 10 Best Luxury Travel Spots Around the World

1. Turks and Caicos, Caribbean​ Advantage: Turks and Caicos is not only safe but it has many beachfront hotels that are just a short 15 minutes from the airport. Luxury aficionados and families can enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of this peaceful island paradise at affordable rates. The 5-Star hotel rates range from 550 to 1200 USD per night.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Advantage: Take advantage of the diverse food, culture, and local hospitality in this desert oasis. One of the most newest and most beautiful hotels to recently open in Dubai is The St. Regis Dubai. The property extends the legacy of the Astor family to Dubai. Located on the arterial Sheikh Zayed Road, the hotel’s interiors are influenced by the city’s beaux-arts architecture of the original St. Regis in New York, and accentuated by bespoke elements such as the grand staircase and carefully selected artworks dotted across the hotel.Part of Al Habtoor City, Dubai’s first-ever integrated urban resort, the hotel sits alongside two other hotels, three high-rise residential towers, as well as a Las Vegas-style theatre that will collectively be located on the banks of the soon-to-be-completed Dubai Water Canal. Contact the warm and friendly hotel staff for the best hotel rates.

3. Antiqua, Caribbean

Advantage: The islanders are as welcoming as the beautiful boats and alluring white beaches that beacon for you. The crystal clear waters are just a few of the things that makes Antigua so enticing. If part of the 5-Star Alliance, which is the leading site for luxury hotel reservations, visitors can take advantage of special rates. The alliance offers great rates at the most comprehensive, hand-picked collection of luxury hotels. They are secure, trusted, and highly recommended.

4. Bahamas, Caribbean Advantage: Long associated with white sandy beaches and warm, clear blue seas, the Bahamas' beauty is breathtaking. The islands making up the Bahamas are small enough to be explored on rented bicycles or scooters. Warm temperatures make water sports of all kinds possible in the Bahamas. Hotel rates vary from 500 to 925 USD depending on preferences.

5. Phuket, Thailand Advantage: Phuket is the biggest, busiest island in Thailand. It has cosmopolitan diversions in the form of designer boutiques and world-class restaurants - one of the best of which is Acqua. Phuket still has some of the most glorious beaches in the islands. Hotel rates range from a few hundred to several hundred dollars per night.

6. Novigrad, Croatia Advantage: This charming town inhabited since antiquity has a rich cultural heritage. A walk through Novigrad's past takes the visitor to the Lapidarium - one of the most valuable collections of stone monuments in Croatia. A plethora of art works including baroque paintings, awaits visitors in a unique church, consecrated simultaneously to three saints - Saint Mary, Saint Maximus and Saint Pelagia. Music lovers can take advantage of a well-known blues festival with numerous performers from the world every summer. Luxury hotels rates average around 400 USD per night.

7. St. Barthelemy, Caribbean Advantage: The sophisticated French island of St. Barthélemy (aka St. Barts) has a lot a delightfully advantages. The cuisine ranks high among guests and St. Barthelemy is home to the most stylish, chic boutiques. Some of the most exclusive hotel rates are just over 1000 USD per night.

8. Cap Martin, Monaco Advantage: A luxurious paradise on the French Riviera.Cap-Martin is picturesque with narrow streets, stepped-streets, stone steps,and one-person-wide walkways. The main square of the village is tucked in between the chateau and a high protective rock, which has great views in the evening for sun setting watching over Monaco below. Luxury hotel summer rates start from 884 USD.

9. Santa Barbara, California Advantage: Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful towns in California, with lovely Spanish style architecture, inviting waterfront, and mountainous backdrop. One of the main attractions is the 18th century Mission Santa Barbara, but there are a wide range of things to see and do, with museums, a zoo, the Sea Center on Stearns Wharf, botanical gardens, and a number of good hiking trails in the area. Hotel rates can run 850 USD per night.

10. Mykonos, Greece Advantage: Some of the most stylish boutique properties around. Cavo Tagoo, near Hóra is highly recommended by experts. It was built atop an abandoned quarry in 1985, then renovated thoroughly in 2007. If you desire a 'barefoot chic' complex then this jewel is the perfect find. Luxury hotel rates range from 500-1500 USD per night depending on exclusivity.

For those in the United States, Hilton Head Island is one of America’s favorite island destinations and was voted “Top Island in the United States” by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Visitors to Hilton Head are greeted with the islands natural beauty, abundance of outdoor activities including dolphin tours, parasailing, deep sea charters, wave runner and jet-ski tours, ziplining aerial adventures, and helicopter tours along the coastline. Hilton Head Island is one of the top golf destinations in South Carolina and is home to 24 on-island championship golf courses. For those interested in Hilton head island rentals, do not hesitate to reach out to For those interested in Kiawah vacations, check out Kiawah Vacation Rentals. Sources: 1. Luxury Travel Magazine

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* Hotel rates are meant to give a suggested price range only. The specific hotel should be contacted directly for most recent seasonal rates and respective tourism bureaus. For other hot spots, see:

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