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Traveling Orient Express Style

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Kenneth Branagh’s new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic Murder On The Orient Express hit movie theaters around the globe from November 3rd, bringing us back to the days of opulent journeys on rails.

The luxury train journeys on the Orient Express were one of the most decadent travel experiences available in the late 19th and early 20th century.

After gradually shortening its routes, in 2009 the Orient Express ceased to operate, giving in to the fierce competition from high-speed trains and discounted air fares.

For those travelers still allured by the romantic idea of voyaging on a lavish train, some valid alternatives are available on the market.

Belmond Ltd., a luxury hotel and leisure company for the most discerning travelers, offers luxury rail journeys around Europe and Asia.

Their Venice-Simplon Orient Express will transport travelers back in time, bringing them as close as they can get to the glamour and elegance of the Orient Express. The cars on this train are all originals from the 1920s, restored for the contemporary traveler.

Single and double cabins will be joined in 2018 by the ‘Grand Suites, for the most decadent and luxurious travel experience.

Fine dining is available as you journey across Europe in style.

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