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The Right Colors Choices in Fashion and Makeup

Color plays an important part in so many aspects of life; it has a key role in the way businesses market themselves and their products, it impacts the decorating methods and styles that we choose. Is it any wonder, then, that it also has an impact on how women feel about themselves too?

Skin color - your natural undertone

It all starts with skin color. Skin generally has one of two undertones; one natural undertone is pink, the other is golden. It has nothing to do with the actual color of the skin itself, but everything to do with the tones than can be seen beneath it. Someone with olive or dark skin can still have pink undertones just as someone with peaches and cream skin can have golden undertones.

Some pink undertones are solidly pink, while others also have a touch of blue. That makes a difference when determining if the skin considered “summer” or “winter” in nature. Winter women are usually dark in coloring with regard to both hair and eyes. Summer women, on the other hand, lean toward light brown or blonde hair and are paler in eye color. They can wear colors that are softer or most pastel in tone, whereas bright colors are their enemy.

Golden undertones can skew from a lighter yellow to a deep, rich gold. The difference in tone indicates whether a woman is “spring” or “fall.” Spring women have lighter undertones of yellow or gold in their pale skin. Their hair may be golden blonde or red and their eyes are usually green, gray, blue, either pure or in combination. Autumn women, on the other hand, have deeper golden skin tones, rich red or brunette hair, and may sport beautiful brown eyes. For makeup color and more, read:

Image: Venus HD Makeup
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