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Debut of James Meadow's Album: A Scarecrow Sight

Music Review

A Scarecrow Sight is the debut album by James Meadow, an artist who clearly has a keen interest in the lives of people. The music of Scarecrow is meant to evoke the sounds of American music of the 1970’s and 80’s. Although the folk and alternative sounds of this time period may be suggested by the music, there is a certain wistfulness, calm lyricism, and melodic sensibility that is very European and approachable. Beyond music, Meadow has a profound interest in anthropology, having studied it in college. Therefore, it makes sense that the music focuses on the lives of people and their attempts to deal with overwhelming emotions and difficult situations. For instance, the first song on the album, If You Keep on Walking, is a laid-back folk-like song about a lover leaving a relationship. Alternatively, Entangled in Love is a song with an upbeat country/folk-type sound about love’s overwhelming power. This album is certainly not a wannabe pop album full of love songs, however. Another piece, entitled Snowy Silence, is a nice, acoustic guitar instrumental interlude, somewhat improvisational in structure and placed toward the middle of the album. And yet another piece, Holding the Future is a song about violence and its impact on the others. Although generally melancholy in sound Scarecrow is not a depressing album. The songs are rather about the realities of life and the ability of people to overcome and deal with difficulties.

The music is the star of this album. It is pensive, absorbing, searching, and always changing. Some songs are distinctly folksy with a dominant acoustic guitar, while the others have an alternative sound, sometimes using an electric guitar and/or keyboard. The variety and creativity are excellent. The lyrical execution could be a little more polished, but overall this is a solid debut album by Mr. Meadow.

A Scarecrow Sight Selections

1 Entangled in love 0:55

2 Holding the future 1:09

3 Freedom of tools 0:24

4Turbulence 0:39

5 The imaginary bond 0:34

Video clip:

About the Artist

James Meadow, aka Davide Falcone, is an anthropologist singer-songwriter. His stage name, concealing a reference to the well-known anthropologist Margaret Mead, reflects his search for a synthesis between song form and ethnographic writing.

As an author and composer he tries to convey in his lyrics a gaze upon reality using ethnographic writing techniques. First trained at the Alma Mater in Bologna, in 2019 he graduated at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Anthropology and Contemporary World History.

His musical roots lie in the American folk-rock acoustic scene. Inspired by artists such as Bruce Cockburn and Michael Hedges, he finds in finger-style technique, open tunings and English language his expressive instruments par excellence. In 2016 he began a journey as a troubadour in the Italian, European and Canadian squares, and eventually he performed at the Ye Olde Orchard Pub in Montreal (QC), the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 276 in Slocan (BC) and The Dam Restaurant in South Slocan (BC). In the years that followed he toured Italy playing solo and opening acts for acclaimed artists, such as Christian Kjellvander and Bocephus King. Moreover in March 2020 he is part of the Townes Van Zandt International Festival and Friends of Townes Festival.

The meeting with Luca Perciballi in 2016 marks his artistic maturity. With him began a collaboration that led to the recording, in March 2019, of his first studio album. A scarecrow sight is a selection of eleven tracks written between 2017 and 2018 and arranged by Perciballi. The album, out on September 20, tries to translate the solid legacy of the American scene of the 70s and 80s into a more contemporary song form.

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Concert: October 11th 2020 on the New York Streaming Platform

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Photo credit: Paolo Brillo

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