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Bronx World Film Winter Cycle 2023 Returns Showcasing Fostering Diversity & Inclusion in Film

Director Walter Krochmal Discusses Bronx World Film Winter Cycle 2023
By: Taylor Lynn | Director Walter Krochmal | Bronx World Film Winter Cycle 2023 |Image: Cultured Focus

The Bronx World Film Cycle – Winter 2023 returned this past January, and it was better than ever. It was mind-blowing with the amount of diverse cinematic styles from around the world showcased.

Bronx World Film Cycle 2023, the meticulously curated premier program of Bronx World Film Inc., was held for the twelfth year in a row at Manhattan's historic Spanish La Nacional Charity Society located on West 14th Street in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

Bronx World Film Inc., formed and led by Walter Krochmal, is an independent production company based in Bronx, New York. Following his own experience as a skilled actor performing in a variety of short films at the Cannes Short Film Corner (Cannes Court Métrage), he made the decision to provide possibilities for short film directors to gain exposure and attract new viewers beyond the confines of the festival circuit.

Over the course of the month, 44 films of different lengths and types (features, featurettes, shorts, and micrométrages) from 49 directors from 25 different countries were shown at the Cycle. Out of the 49 directors that submitted to the films, half were women, which demonstrates that the Bronx World Film is open to all. It also shone a bright light on Native American film artists, Bronx-based creators of color, young people, and both up-and-coming and established creators from the Bronx.

Director Walter Krochmal Discusses Bronx World Film

Phenomenal films such as the Devils Among Angels by filmaker Jerry Landi told of how a world class violinist and Holocaust survivor Samuel Marder spent his youth in a concentration camp. After he was finally released, he spent the rest of his life playing violin for the world’s élite and teaching tolerance to school children. Filmmaker Jerry Landi documentary brought to life Marder’s story. Based on the bestselling book Devils Among Angels, winner of Best Documentary at Shawna Shea Film Festival and finalist for Best Documentary at The Long Island International Film Expo. Another poignant film, Il Moro – a period piece on Alessandro de’ Medici, heir of the Medici dynasty born from the out-of-wedlock union between Pope Clement VII and an African slave returned after its November 2022 premiere at Cinema on the Sound. Alessandro became the first Duke of Florence. Alessandro de’ Medici has mostly been overlooked in historical chronicles. While he lies in a tomb in a prestigious chapel, resting place of many Medici men, his tomb does not report his name.

The Bronx World Cinema Cycle has been a leader in presenting films from Central America, premiering outstanding new pieces from the region's booming contemporary art film culture to New York audiences.

La Nacional the Spanish Benevolent Society is located at West 14th Street and is among the oldest organizations of its kind in New York metropolitan City, having been established by the emigré Spanish population in 1868. The venue is known for flamenco dance, tango, and Spanish language courses are its claims to fame. Since its inception in 2011, Bronx World Film, Inc. has called the 100-seat gallery located on the second floor of La Nacional building home. Additionally, the building's first floor has an elegant Spanish restaurant where guests may have tasty meals and a well-selected list of Spanish wines to go with the day's film selections. Even more so, the Spanish-speaking communities of New York City are familiar with La Nacional's long tradition of welcoming and honoring individuals from all walks of life.

Journalist Fredy Pineda on Bronx World Film

The marquee of the Bronx World Film Cycle, Winter season 2023, included several world premieres as well as American and New York premieres. From historical pictures to experimental works, rowdy comedies, animation, and dance films are all represented. Bronx international cinema director Walter hand-picked all of the short films from a wide variety of genres. He chose them because they all had fantastic plots, acting, and direction.

There has been a rapid uptick in the number of art houses opening shop throughout Central America. Bronx World Film Cycle stepped in to save the day since they work directly with the film, despite the fact that newer communities lack the infrastructure necessary to display these short films to individuals and bring audiences together.

Bronx World Film
Bronx World Film

Bronx World Film invites you to upload your short film to their website so that they can evaluate it and decide whether to screen it at their upcoming film festival. For more information, visit Bronx World Film. As the upcoming Bronx World Film will be spectacular!


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