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Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown: A Pioneer in Arts and Culture

Art Destination
Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

Hotel Indigo, located in Dubai Downtown, mirrors the city’s contrasts: old meets new, tradition meets modernity, stories of past and present. Hailing as the first boutique hotel in the UAE, and only recently celebrating its one-year anniversary in October 2021, Hotel Indigo asserts itself as a captivating addition to the Dubai Downtown neighbourhood.

True to its mission, Hotel Indigo seamlessly blends a boutique hospitality experience alongside unique art culture education for its guests. The creative journey starts the moment you walk into the foyer, bearing witness to Bedouin 2020, a mixed media art installation paying homage to the work of the late Hassan Sharif, a pioneer of the contemporary art movement in the UAE. This piece so beautifully sets the tone for the eclecticism you can expect to engage with during your stay. The experience continues as you settle into your room. Suite room walls clad to look like shipping crates, alongside unique murals by local emerging artists, immediately give the sense you are embarking on an immersive adventure. The shisha lamp beside the bed acknowledges the function of the old with the contemporary form of the new. Expansive views from the floor to ceiling windows opens my eyes to the natural beauty of the Dubai Creek juxtaposed against the contemporary architecture of the city region. The evenings provide a new view, one where the reflection of the city lights shimmers in the Dubai Creek – almost like a new painting added to the expansive art collection available at the hotel.

Hotel Indigo has married the enduring stories of its neighbourhood with contemporary design. This can be seen in the architecture, furnishings, and curated art pieces – all elements contribute to the creative journey. Each of the 19 floors is designed to showcase the artistic expressions of emerging artists and artisans from the Middle East and South Africa. Taking the time to witness this unique and wide-ranging mix of fine art on an Art Tour was the highlight of my stay.

The combination of art styles, textures, colours, and media make for an engaging exploration of the creative talents of local artists. The meticulous curation of the art exhibits allowed for many welcome distractions as I meandered my way through, floor by floor. The contemporary digital offerings of Mohammad Awwad and Ali Jaber brought me a sense of fun and vibrancy. I relished the intricate details of Yolla Hanna’s weaving and the embossing of Fleur De Bondt. I took my time to wonder about the stories behind Muhanad Al Nassiri’s sketches and portrait photography of Marta Lamovsek.

My time at Hotel Indigo afforded me the time and space away from the demands of life to contemplate the art pieces that surrounded me. True appreciation of beautiful things lies in the ability to slow down and reflect upon creativity, and Hotel Indigo provided that in spades. Check out our exclusive museum tour below.

Exclusive Art Tour of Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

Beyond immersing myself in the art collections, the amenities offer both the familiar - a lounge by the pool post-workout in the gym, and unfamiliar - a surprising moving meditation experience at a Collective Flow Yoga class. As a coffee enthusiast, my taste buds appreciated the locally roasted coffee on offer at Café Rider. And, of course, a myriad of thoughtfully designed spaces also lent themselves to perfectly framing Instagram-worthy moments during my time at Hotel Indigo.

The careful consideration of all design elements was evident at every turn. Hotel Indigo offered me a rich art and cultural experience across each of its floors, but also within the social and private spaces of the hotel.

Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown provides a true journey through art, culture and history – telling us stories, of both past and present that can inspire us to define our own futures.

For more information, visit their website.

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