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Pino Calabrese to Receive Cultured Focus Magazine's 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

Pino Calabrese Receives Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 | Image: Sara Galimberti | By: Ekaterina Shevliakova

Cultured Focus Magazine will hold its annual star-studded Cultured Focus Awards Ceremony and Diversity in Film Symposium at 2:30 pm at Hotel Danieli, Venice, Italy, on Monday, September 5, 2022.

The Italian actor Pino Calabrese will receive the Cultured Focus Lifetime Achievement Award to celebrate an illuminating career of 50 years in theater, film and television. Mr. Calabrese began his artistic career in 1972, first working in theater with actors and directors such as Massimo Troisi, Gigi Proietti, Enrico Montesano, Pippo Delbono and many others, passing from cabaret to dramatic theater, from musicals to comedies, to theater productions with a social and political perspective.

In the cinema he made his debut in 1983 with Valerio Zecca, subsequently working with Italian and international directors such as Pappi Corsicato, Roberto Faenza, Daniele Vicari, Giuseppe Tornatore, Pupi Avati, Mario Martone, Paolo Sorrentino, Goran Paskaljević, Alicia Scherson, Bruno Saglia. On television he took part in productions such as “RIS - Crimes Imperfect,” “Incantesimo,” “A Doctor in the Family,” “People of the Sea,” “Police District” and “I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone.” For several years he has dedicated himself to civil theater, staging "The Shadow of Aldo Moro" and "Tortora, a Simple Story," and performances in the form of reading by Patrizio J. Macci. For his performance in the 2018 film “Breaths” Pino Calabrese was awarded at the Sorrento Film Festival 2019. For more on Pino Calabrese, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

The awards presentation will be held in conjunction with the Cultured Focus Symposium on Diversity in Film moderated by award-winning actress and writer Francesca Van Horne. Journalist Ekaterina Shevliakova will be the master of ceremonies. Film producer Taylor Re Lynn is hosting the event.

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