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Saudi 100 Brands Fashion Exhibition Brings Culture and Innovation to New York

Saudi 100 Brands Fashion Exhibition in New York 2022
Saudi 100 Brands Fashion Exhibition in New York

Reported by: Berta Daniels | Saudi 100 Brands Fashion Exhibition | Image: Cultured Focus

The Fashion Commission of Saudi Arabia proudly presents the Saudi 100 Brands Fashion Exhibition in the heart of New York City to fashion enthusiasts.

The Saudi 100 Brands is a global traveling exhibition that features a curated selection of clothing and accessories from 100 Saudi designers. For the exhibition titled “Saudi Heritage: Past, Present & Future Fashion”, one hundred Saudi designers were challenged through a government program to create a piece that is representative of who they are and their culture.

The talented designers, chosen out of nearly 1500, were tasked with creating a piece that reflects Saudi heritage and culture. The exhibition is split into eight categories: ready-to-wear, modest, concept, premiere, demi-couture, bridal, handbags, and jewelry. Cultured Focus Magazine was in attendance to view the amazing creations by some of Arabia’s most talented fashion designers. View some of the highlights below.

Saudi 100 Brands Fashion Exhibition | Image: Cultured Focus

Those spotted supporting the up-and-coming designers at the Iron 23 Building were HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States; Saudi Entrepreneur Rae Joseph; Venezuelan fashion legend Carolina Herrera and internationally renowned New York designer Reem Acra whom both highly admired the work of the Saudi brands.

HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar | Image: Cultured Focus

The Saudi 100 Brands exhibition is part of a more extensive program that aims to mentor Saudi designers and provide opportunities for showcasing their work. Throughout the year, the chosen designers receive advice from fashion experts across the globe with one-on-one mentorship and informative workshops on topics such as design, innovation, marketing, and sales strategy.

The Saudi 100 Brands exhibition has never been seen outside of the Middle East until now. The organizers welcomed fashion connoisseurs and the curious to be a part of this curated fashion experience to celebrate the best in fashion and design from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The exhibition will take place from July 26 until August 7, 2022 at the Iron23 Building in Manhattan. Check out some of the highlights from our tour of the venue.

About: The Saudi Arabia Fashion Commission

The Fashion Commission aims to develop the sector, driving its advancement and supporting practitioners in the field. The Commission is setting a new strategy to enhance and boost the sector and proposing new projects targeted at increasing its contribution to the economy.

The mission is to enable the development of thriving Saudi fashion industry, sustainable and inclusive, fully integrated along the value chain, maximizing local talent, experiences, and competencies. Supporting local talent and exhibitions such as the Saudi 100 Brands NYC Fashion Exhibition is an important part of the fashion commission's mission.

The roadmap of the fashion commission is as follows:

  • Cultural Environment & Creativity: The Fashion Commission will strengthen the Saudi Fashion industry in relation to knowledge creation, education systems and promotion of a cultural environment nurturing creativity.

  • Product Development: Today there are limited capabilities and services in product development in the fashion industry, the ambition is therefore to create these services to the appropriate international standards.

  • Raw Materials & Manufacturing: Manufacturing complexities need to be simplified and made more accessible for designers in the short term, while in the long term an integrated local industry with global supply chains needs to be developed.

  • Narrative, Storytelling and Events: There is a Saudi fashion identity, but its story needs to be amplified. The Fashion Commission will own the story and identity through a comprehensive communication strategy.

  • Consumption: The Fashion Commission aims to support local designers in the merchandising and sale of their creations (both in KSA and internationally).

  • Sustainability: In order to take a global lead on sustainability and ethical fashion, the Fashion Commission will work with its partners towards its potential to lead KSA sustainable fashion innovations.

  • Industry Enablers: The Fashion Commission will act as an enabler, integrating systems across the industry.

  • For more visit:


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