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The First “Post Pandemic“ Monaco Yacht Show Returns with a Host of Festivities

Written by: Ekaterina Shevliakova

The Monaco Yacht Show has always been the number one event of the year dedicated to luxury yachts and luxury goods in general. The pandemic has affected all markets, but the one that tends to survive under any condition is the luxury one. This is one of the reasons why yachts are always in vogue and don’t lose their faithful clientele. After last year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic, reinforced health measures were established in advance of this year’s show for the safety of all participants.

There were 79 super-yachts positioned off the Monaco coast, approximately 2.5 miles of watercraft, celebrating the hottest industry trends and aiming to generate an incredible amount of sales during the event that took place the 22- 25th September 2021.

Although the exhibitors (440) at this year’s show were down from 580 in 2019, all were wondering where the market will head in 2022. Organizers of this year’s event cited a 28% annual increase in yacht sales in the first quarter of 2021, after a challenging 2020. The Monaco Yacht Show typically finishes the summer Mediterranean yacht season. In the weeks following, the yachts will move to the Caribbean and Florida, leaving the shores of Croatia and the harbors of Monaco behind.

Sustainability is the coolest trend as the industry aims to guide propulsion into a lower carbon future. Many yachts that I have come across at the Yacht show in Monaco are created from sustainable materials – for example the SARVO brand from Copenhagen that was presented at the show creates the most original and built exclusively out of sustainable materials. According to the owner of the brand, SARVO yachts are 100% sustainable, 100% electric and handcrafted and intelligent by design.

Among the largest yachts embellishing Monaco’s Port Hercules are the exhibiting 351 foot IJE the 341 foot Quantum Blue, owned by Russian billionaire Sergey Galitsky , the 319 foot Carinthia III, commissioned in 2002 by Heidi Horton, and the 312 foot Kismet, owned by Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan.

But the boat that has captured all the attention during the Monaco Yacht Show was “Artefact “built and designed by famous yacht brand NOBISKRUG and known also as a “glass yacht” due to its massive use of glass. The 80-meter yacht is a perfect combination of art and science designed to complement the natural environment with minimal impact. The yacht won numerous awards for its remarkable design and was visited by His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Monaco the last day before the closing of the yacht show. The prince is known to be the “Green Prince'' and provides huge contributions that go towards saving the environment, and is a big supporter of sustainability.

On the 23d of September, the 5th Gala for Planetary Health at the Royal Palace of Monaco took place hosted by Prince Albert II. Sharon Stone was the guest of honor as the first woman to receive a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her philanthropy. Prince Albert II praised her remarkable commitment to women’s empowerment, her outstanding work in medical research and her tireless efforts to help change the world. “

In his speech during Ocean gala, the prince pointed out that it was no longer possible to “turn a blind eye to situations that affect us all. The world has grasped the dramatic scale of the climate challenge we face, because what unites us is not only urgency, but also a sense of responsibility.”

The Monte - Carlo gala for Planetary Health was one of the most important of the numerous events happening during the Monaco Yacht Show and brought the Royal Palace of Monaco back into the usual spotlight after the pandemic. Many luxurious and famous hotels in Monaco hosted different events at the time of the Yacht show including the Fairmont hotel on the 22d of September. The luxurious event hosted at the Salle de la Mer Ballroom was organized by CEO of Vivid events Kimberley Williams and dedicated to famous global jewelry brands such as Pasquale Bruni, Chatila , Ortaea, Terzihan and many other.

Invited to the event by Kimberley Williams, it was a pleasure to interview the representatives for famous brands such as Laurence Brunel for Pasquale Bruni and gemologist for Terzihan in order to find out how the luxury goods market is fairing. According to the industry insiders, the market is as strong as ever in spite of the pandemic, showing there is always space for new special designs and bold creations.

Check out some of the video highlights below.

The Monaco Yacht 2021 show was a breath of fresh air after the pandemic closures. The renewal of live presentations and events dedicated to luxury products proves that “whatever rocks your boat” is always a correct expression for contemporary lifestyle.

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