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Carolina Ignarra Discusses Breaking Barriers in Talento Incluir Film

Written by: Nikoleta Morales

In a split second, life changed for Carolina Ignarra. Following a harrowing accident, she would need to traverse the crowded streets of São Paulo, Brazil, in a wheelchair forever. She quickly discovered the biggest challenge she was about to face wouldn’t be her own disability, but systemic workplace discrimination for the broader Sao Paulo disabled population. Driven to educate managers on the meaning and value of inclusivity, Carolina started Talento Incluir to help promote new pathways for employers to value, hire and redefine what it means to be top talent. The documentary film 'Talento Incluir' detailing her journey can be seen on AppleTv or Google Playstore. The film is one of FIVE short films commissioned by Mastercard that follow the journey of five women from five countries across the globe who have each set out to start a purpose-driven business to improve their communities. The “FIVE” films in the Mastercard series include– HARFA, JUSTICE OF THE PIES, ONGANIC FOODS, SARAH’S BAG, and TALENTO INCLUIR.

Cultured Focus had the pleasure of speaking with Carolina Ignarra (CEO and Founder of Talento Incluir) about her passion for helping others, challenges facing those with disabilities, and how being a women is an asset for her business. You will be amazed by this incredibly talented women and we are pleased to highlight her as part of Women’s History Month and our yearlong series showcasing the best in female talent from around the world across industries. The interview was conducted with English translation from Portuguese for everyone's enjoyment.

For more on Carolina, visit the following:

Mastercard Documentary Series:

For more information on “FIVE,” please visit“FIVE” is a documentary film series that follows the journey of five women from five countries across the globe who have each set out to start a purpose-driven business to improve and uplift their communities. FIVE documentaries celebrating the perseverance and passion of female entrepreneurs.The short films were commissioned by Mastercard and can be seen on ShortsTV.

Film Director's Renata Sette and Thomas A Morgan

Renata Sette is a storyteller. The director is a supporter of the constant and ambiguous restlessness between reality and fiction and has the capacity to transform one into the other with a naturalism that leaves in doubt what is what.

From the beginning of her career she went through different roles in the production process until she became a director. She started as a producer, was an editor and later became assistant director and screenwriter.

She has been directing advertising, branded content, documentaries, fashion films and fiction for the last 10 years. She has worked for major clients such as Hyundai, Bradesco, Nivea, Nestlé, Grendene, Folha de SP,, Adria, Marisa and Magazine Luiza.

Her first advertising campaigns were included in the Clube de Criação de São Paulo Awards short list. In her first year as a director, she was included in the best director competition for the Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica with the films “Mãe para Filha” (From Mother to Daughter) and “El Ojo Autodestructível” (The Indestructible Eye).

Her documentaries are available in the VideoCamp – Transforming Films platform, and have already been screened by the UN. Her docudrama “The Fight Continues- a Documentary in 12 Rounds”, sponsored by ESPN and Petrobrás, is part of the ESPN, TV Brasil, TV Cultura and Canal Brasil network programming. Her short film Anthropos, a branded content for stylist João Pimenta, earned her the award for Best International Director at PortoFashionFilm 2016, in Portugal.

For more, visit her website:

Thomas A. Morgan is an award-winning director and producer. He is best known for his films Soufra (2017) and Waiting for Mamu (2014). Morgan was the executive producer for India's Daughter, which received the Peabody award for journalism, as well as the Emmy-nominated film Silenced.

Morgan is the co-founder of Square Zero Films, a New York-based film production company. He received his honorary Doctorate of Public Service from Central Michigan University and has taught documentary film making to students around the world. Morgan is a father of four.

For more visit:


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