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Frally on Collaboration for Paris Hilton Documentary

Written by: Nikoleta Morales

Cultured Focus met with singer/songwriter Frally for an exclusive interview on how she became involved in the Paris Hilton documentary, her inspiration behind the song, balancing family life as a working mom, and what is next for the talented singer. Fans can view our full interview below.

"When I recorded this song, which was done specifically for This Is Paris, I had seen some rough cuts. What really stuck with me was the way in which women often have to "dumb it down" or "change their voice" in order to survive or thrive." - Frally Artist

Channeling the quiet of the Australian countryside, the dynamic licks of Nashville, the weary forthright grit of Brooklyn and the searing sunshine of Los Angeles, musician Frally Hynes has created her own sound that has been described as haunting, subtle, stirring, strange, meditative, provocative and original.

Frally has toured internationally with Cat Power and Rufus Wainwright and also performs with Rain Phoenix in Venus and the Moon. She also works as a composer and music supervisor with a focus on documentary films including The Case Against Adnan Syed HBO, the Netflix series Dogs, and This is Personal, a documentary about women's movement. This is Personal’ premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2019 where Frally also performed alongside Feist and Patty Griffin at the Celebration of Music in Film concert.

For more visit, Frally's Instagram page here. Song cover on Youtube here.


“This is Paris,” debuted in September on Hilton’s YouTube channel.

Hilton says when she agreed to be the subject of “This is Paris,” it was never her intention to speak about past abuses, but she opened up as she became more comfortable with director Alexandra Dean. Hilton says since speaking out about what happened at Provo, she feels free. She’s also hopeful that speaking out against programs like Provo will deter parents from sending their kids to similar situations. The film has an important message from which all families can benefit. See the film and view the trailer on Youtube here.

Photo credit: FrallyMusic; Youtube Originals


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